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Feminised Or Regular Seed?

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As a grower you may want to experiment with crossing your plants. Male flowers produce the pollen that fertilises female flowers, generating new seeds and strains.

Feminized seeds will often turn into hermaphrodite plants, especially when they are stressed with techniques like topping, fimming, lollypopping and defoliation. This can be impractical for many growers.

They Are Genetically Stable

Regular seed is the preferred choice for experienced breeders looking to achieve genetic stability and high-quality, unique strains. Feminized seeds are prone to showing intersex traits due to their genetic modification.

Regular seeds will produce male plants and female plants in the ideal proportion of 50/50. This allows you to select the best plants for breeding and create the strain of your dreams.

Identifying and removing the male plants from your grow will reduce the yield per plant, but this can be made easier with a little practice. In contrast, feminized seeds can be hermaphrodites by default and can only be determined by sexing them during the flowering phase.

With SSSC’s carefully curated collection of regular strains, you can find the perfect strain for your growing needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a sativa-dominant hybrid like Creamy Kees or a classic indica like Karel’s Haze, there’s something to suit every gardener. Our seeds are also hardier and more resilient than feminized varieties, making them a great option for the novice and experienced grower alike.

They Are Cheaper

Regular seeds are a popular choice among growers who want to breed their own strains. This process involves pairing male and female plants in order to produce offspring that exhibit the desired phenotypes.

While this process is more advanced than growing feminized seed, it is not impossible for beginner or hobbyist cultivators to try. In fact, breeding your own cannabis strains can be an incredibly rewarding experience that yields a variety of new and unique genotypes that you will not find in store-bought feminized seeds.

SSSC regular seed collection is a great place to begin your breeding journey. We offer a wide range of high-quality cultivars, including some of our finest original 1980’s genetics. Whether you are looking for a citrusy sativa like Amnesia Lemon or an earthy, therapeutic indica such as Harlequin x Bubba Kush, we have something to suit every preference in our catalog. Shop today! You won’t regret it. SSSC offers a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee on all our seeds.

They Are Easy to Breed

If you’re a grower looking to broaden your horizons and start breeding, then regular seeds are the way forward. It’s possible to create your very own strains if you know how to select and breed specimens that display the desired traits (i.e. potency, flavour, yield, disease and pest resistance and terpene profile).

Feminized seeds will always make cultivation easier, but once you’ve got that down then why not branch out? Breeding your own genetics is an incredibly rewarding voyage that will bring you new flavours and highs, as well as a wealth of knowledge.

Our range of regular cannabis seeds are bred from the finest original 1980’s strains, and we encourage you to experiment with them in order to find specimens that produce your favourite phenotypes. Once you’ve selected your ideal plants, then all you need to do is cross them to create your very own masterpiece. When doing so, ensure that you choose the right sex of your offspring to prevent hermaphrodite flowers.

They Are Easy to Grow

Regardless of your preference for regular or feminized cannabis seeds, both can offer the grower several advantages. Feminized seeds are a great option for beginners because they help them practice growing and improve their skills, ultimately leading to higher yields with more consistent results. They also eliminate the need to remove 40% of your plants after sexing, reducing the amount of space, nutrients and light used.

But experienced growers find that growing regular seeds is the most enjoyable way to grow. They are able to harvest heavy crops while still having the ability to breed their plants and create new strains.

With this in mind, SSSC offers a wide range of regular seeds including the popular Karel’s Haze, Creamy Kees and Frosty Friday. We also offer Bruce Banner, which is named after The Hulk and offers high THC levels of up to 29%. Each batch of our regular seeds contains a theoretic 50% ratio of female to male plants, allowing for the cultivation of a high quality crop every time.

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