Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seed Vs Feminized Seeds

Regular seed is the term used for non-feminized cannabis seeds. This means that the seeds have an equal chance of producing male or female plants.

This is often not an issue unless you are growing out plants for breeding. However, male plants do produce fewer flowers and can reduce yields.

Stable Genetics

Stable genetics are the backbone of ensuring that every harvest of a particular strain produces the same experience for growers. The process of achieving stable genetics is lengthy and requires the cultivation of multiple generations to guarantee consistency in terpene and cannabinoid profile.

Seed breeders work to produce stable genetics through in-breeding, or crossing two parental lines with a goal of identifying the next generation that has the desired traits. This process is extremely time-consuming and can require up to twelve generations before reaching a stable crop of seeds.

Companies specializing in plant trait development are starting to emerge as agtech options for cultivators. These companies develop new and desirable characteristics in plants that can be patented, providing valuable intellectual property to their investors. They then sell these new genes to other companies that apply them to their cultivator customers, creating a cycle of innovation and investment. ILGM carries popular and rare seeds including Glue Gelato, which is an F1 cross between Gorilla Glue and Gelato. These seeds are guaranteed by ILGM to have 90%+ germination rates and will provide you with consistent harvests of high-quality cannabis.

Better Yields

For growers that wish to maximise the potential yield from each plant, regular seeds are a better choice. This is because feminized plants will produce only female specimens, which will result in a greater harvest from each plant. However, the same can also be said of clones, which are extremely useful for any grower that wants to duplicate a specific specimen, whether due to a particular terpene profile or colour.

A good number of growers choose to use regular seeds because they can be used as’mothers’ for taking clones. This is an essential part of the breeding process, which is a crucial aspect of marijuana cultivation for many growers and breeders. However, this can only be achieved with plants that have a balanced ratio of male to female chromosomes. For this reason, working with regular seeds can be a bit of a genetic lottery, but the results are still well worth it. Especially for beginners who may not have nailed the process of sexing their crop just yet.

Less Expensive

For the beginner grower, feminized seeds may make more sense. They eliminate the risk of raising a male plant and save time spent sexing plants. But for the experienced cultivator, regular seeds are a worthwhile investment. They allow breeders to work with a wider range of genetics and to experiment with genotypes and phenotypes. The resulting strains could be the next big thing in cannabis cultivation.

While working with regular seed can be a bit of a gamble as far as males and females are concerned, most experienced growers appreciate the vigour, variety, and purity offered by these plants. Moreover, for those growers who plan to start breeding their own cultivars, having a large selection of both male and female plants allows them to engage in the process of pheno hunting. This helps them select specimens with the traits they are looking for, and can help them develop a new generation of strains. This is a highly effective technique that has produced some of the most legendary marijuana strains in history.

Easier to Breed

As mentioned above, one reason many growers opt for regular seed is the ability to breed. This can be done by identifying and removing any male plants as they appear or simply collecting pollen from females and applying it to other plants to create hermaphrodites.

The results of this can be incredibly rewarding and it’s a great way to improve your growing skills whilst exploring genotypes and phenotypes. It can also be a fantastic way to develop your own unique strains.

SSSC have a range of high quality, THC-rich, original 1980’s regular cannabis seeds which can be grown to produce both male and female offspring. The germination process is the same as for any other seed and they’re tough enough to withstand fluctuations in the grow environment too. This makes them a favourite amongst old school growers. Our range includes strains such as Karel’s Haze and Creamy Kees. Check them out here..!.

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