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Why Regular Seed Is Important For Breeding

regular seed

While feminized seeds are preferred by most growers, regular seed is still important for breeding. They offer a variety of genotypes and phenotypes that allow for experimentation and exploration.

Regular seeds will produce both male and female plants, which can then be used to breed a new strain. They also require a little more work for the gardener to eliminate male plants or collect pollen, but provide several advantages over feminized seeds.

They are 100% unaltered

Regular seeds are perfect for growers looking to start breeding their own strains. The male plants are crucial for the creation of new seedlings, as they produce pollen. This pollen can then be transferred to the female plants, which will then create seeds. This process can continue until a new strain is produced, which is the goal of many breeders.

This process also allows growers to create their own strains, as they can choose between different genotypes and create a hybrid that combines the best traits of both parent plants. This can be a fun and rewarding process, and it gives the grower an opportunity to create their own strains that they can smoke and enjoy.

Unlike feminized seeds, regular seeds are less likely to become hermaphrodites during the growing process. However, if the plant is subjected to stress during growth, such as topping, fimming, or lollypopping, it may turn hermaphrodite and produce male flowers.

They are cheaper

Regular seeds cost less to produce and buy, making them a popular option for growers on a budget. However, they require more work and time because growers must manually cull male plants after a month and a half of growing. This can reduce a crop’s yield by 50%.

Regardless, many experienced cultivators choose to use regular seeds. Some believe that feminized seeds are inferior to the genetics offered by regular landrace strains, which have remained unaltered for millennia.

Another advantage of using regular seeds is that they are more stable than feminized ones, meaning that they can produce a heavier harvest in the first flowering cycle. They also tend to be hardier and can withstand stress better than feminized seed varieties. They can also be bred to create new strains. This process requires a lot of time, effort and space, but can be extremely rewarding. It is ideal for hobbyists with a fair amount of experience.

They are more stable

Regular seeds allow growers to explore the full lineage of a cultivar. They also offer the thrill of creating a new genotype that has never existed before. This is the only way to get a true taste of a strain and experience its unique characteristics. This can be a difficult task, especially if you’re not able to sex the plants before they flower.

Theoretically, over a larger sample size, regular seeds should produce a 50% female to male ratio. However, this may vary depending on luck and environmental conditions. In addition to this, cannabis plants grown from regular seed are more resilient and can better withstand stress throughout the growing process. This makes them ideal for taking cuttings or clones.

The roots of these plants can be replanted to produce more plants that will mature into a heavy harvest. Moreover, they can be used to create a new strain that has the potency of its parent, which is an excellent feature for seasoned growers.

They are easier to breed

While feminized seeds have their place in cultivating marijuana, regular seeds are the preferred choice of many breeders. They are much easier to weed out the male plants than feminized ones, which often produce hermaphrodites (plants with both male and female chromosomes).

Because hermaphrodite plants aren’t ideal for consumption, growers usually remove them from the plant early in flowering. However, it’s not always possible to determine a plant’s sex without stressing it, which can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming.

Feminized seeds also make sex determination more difficult because hermaphrodites rarely produce viable seeds. The seeds of regular plants, on the other hand, endure very little genetic tampering and are much more likely to produce robust descendants. This makes them the ideal choice for creating new strains. SSSC offers a wide selection of regular cannabis seed, including the classics like Creamy Kees and Karel’s Haze. Each variety has been bred for specific growing conditions. This makes them an excellent choice for beginners and experienced growers alike!

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