Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seeds Vs Feminized Seeds

regular seeds

Before feminized seeds were introduced regular cannabis plants were the only way to produce seed. Basically, they operate how nature intended them to and have a 50% chance of being either male or female.

The advantage of this is that you can breed them to create new strains. However, this can be time consuming and limits your yield.

They are easy to grow

When growing marijuana, you can choose between feminized or regular seeds. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but it ultimately depends on your experience level and goals. Regular seeds require a little more work, but they offer several benefits that feminized seeds do not.

They can be used for breeding, and they also produce a higher percentage of female plants. This is a huge benefit for growers because it means that more of their space can be used and less time wasted on sexing the plants.

Dutch Passion has a wide selection of regular cannabis seeds. These include old school strains such as Karel’s Haze, Kees Old School Haze, Frosty Friday, Prima Holandica and Creeper. Some of these have been around for generations and are still considered classics today. They have a very high germination rate and can produce good yields. They are also more genetically stable than feminized seeds. The only downside is that they will occasionally produce male plants.

They are cheaper

Choosing regular seeds is the cheaper option from a financial perspective. You will have to spend more time culling male plants, but for many growers this is worth it. This is particularly the case for growers who are breeding strains or those that are growing indoors, where lighting costs can add up quickly.

When you buy regular seeds, it is likely that you will get a mix of male and female plants. However, over a larger sample size this should balance out. It is also important to plant more seeds than you require so that you have enough weed-capable females.

Dutch Passion’s collection of regular seeds is extensive, with some of the finest strain genetics dating back to the 1980’s and before. Amongst these are legendary classics such as White Widow, Orange Bud, Mazar and Power Plant, along with old-school cultivars like Bruce Banner. These are suited to intermediate growers who will appreciate the large colas that need a little care and attention to produce big harvests.

They are more genetically stable

Regular seeds are ideal for breeders and people who like to produce clones. They can be a bit of a genetic lottery in terms of male versus female plants and sexing the plant before flowering can be challenging for some growers, but it’s a great way to cultivate new strains that aren’t available anywhere else. Regular seeds also represent a range of old-school strains with legendary genetics from the 1980’s and before, as well as the original versions of classics such as White Widow and Orange Bud.

Regular cannabis seeds operate exactly how nature intended and have a 50/50 chance of emerging as either male or female. They are perfect for growers who want to create their own strains and produce resilient clones that can reduce growing times. Herbies stocks a wide variety of top-tier regular seeds and guarantees high germination rates for every order. Check them out today!

They are easier to breed

Regular seeds are often cheaper than feminized seeds, but they require more care in order to produce good results. This is because growers must remove the male plants from the growing process before they pollinate, which is a time-consuming and costly process. Male cannabis plants use up much of the grower’s space and nutrients, and they also yield far fewer buds than female plants.

Feminized seed plants, on the other hand, eliminate this hassle. But these seeds undergo genetic tampering and are less likely to produce robust descendants.

Regular seeds, on the other hand, behave just like nature intended, giving each plant a 50% chance of emerging as either a male or a female. This makes them ideal for breeding and producing high-quality clones. They’re also a great choice for experienced growers who enjoy cultivating their own strains. This way, you can enjoy unique phenotypes that would never be available in a feminized form. Each seed will have its own characteristics, such as growth pattern, flowering time, terpene profile, and THC/CBD ratio.

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