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Regular Seeds – Why They’re Better Than Feminized Seeds

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Choosing seeds is an important step for a grower. Often, it can be confusing with all the terminology and jargon. Misunderstanding these terms can spell disaster for a grower’s crop.

Before feminized seeds came on the market, growers had to deal with 50% male plants, which can reduce a harvest by half. Regular seed is a much better option for growers who want to breed their own strains.

They are cheaper

While regular seeds account for only 2-3% of seed sales, they’re still the preferred choice for many growers. They’re cheaper than feminized varieties, and they have a lower chance of crossing with male plants. They also tend to produce stronger plants that are more resilient to stresses throughout the growing process.

They have a wide variety of strains from all over the world, and their germination rates are top-notch. They even offer a reshipment guarantee if your order doesn’t make it through the post! They also have an excellent selection of feminized strains, too.

They also have a great selection of old-school regulars, including White Widow and Orange Bud. They also have other classics like Blueberry, Mazar, Durban Poison, and Euforia. They offer some of the best traditional genetics from the 1980’s and earlier, so you can be sure to get a high-quality crop with these strains. They also have a wide range of payment options, a blog section, and easy-to-use ordering systems.

They are easier to breed

Regular seeds are a great choice for breeders, because they produce both male and female plants. Feminized seed requires pollination of a female plant with a male plant to create 100% female plants, while regular seeds contain both male and female chromosomes (XX) so they can produce either or both sexes. This makes them easier to breed and provides more options for growers.

When you grow regular seeds, there is a 50% chance that they will grow into either male or female plants. This allows for the creation of new cultivars and superior clones. Male plants are also valuable, as they can be crossed with other strains to produce unique phenotypes.

Some breeders collect male pollen from their breeding plants and cold-store it to use later in the growing process. This method of sexing plants can take time and practice, but is worth it for those who want to explore their genetic potential. This is especially important for breeders who want to preserve the genetics of traditional landraces that never made it into feminized seeds.

They are more stable

Like their photoperiod counterparts, regular seeds grow to produce male plants about half the time. Growers who choose to plant regular seeds often separate their male and female plants, to prevent accidental pollination. They can also use the hermaphrodite (male and female) plants to create unique crossbreeds, which are perfect for creating bespoke strains with specific terpene profiles or high levels of cannabinoid content.

However, the main reason why many growers choose regular seeds is because they are easy to breed. Breeding is a traditional process that’s been used for centuries, and it allows you to create new strains by crossing different varieties. It is also a great option for novice growers, as it doesn’t require extensive knowledge or experience. In addition, regular seeds are more stable than feminized seed and don’t undergo any genetic manipulation. This means that they are more likely to germinate into a healthy adult plant. They’re also more affordable than feminized seeds and are suitable for growers on a budget.

They are easier to grow

Regular seeds are much easier to grow than feminized seeds. Feminized seed packs typically have double the number of female plants compared to a normal pack. This means that a grower can expect to get a larger yield, and will need less time and effort weeding out male plants.

However, despite this, feminized seeds still have a higher risk of hermaphrodite plants. This is because they are exposed to stress during the growing process. Techniques such as topping, fimming, and lollypopping are all sources of stress, and can cause feminized seeds to become hermaphrodite.

By contrast, regular seeds function exactly as nature intended. They have a 50% chance of developing into either a male or a female plant. This allows breeders to create new cultivars and produce superior clones. Our collection of regular seeds includes a range of high-quality, THC-rich original 1980’s strains. These are great for creating your own crosses and hybrids, and make an ideal choice for beginners or old-school growers.

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