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Germination and Propagation of Cannabis Seeds

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Cannabis seeds are delicate and should only be handled with care. They’ll start to sprout in-line with the seasonal change from winter to spring and a little bit of water is usually all they need to get started.

One of the simplest ways to germinate cannabis is to place them in a cup of distilled water until they sprout and then carefully transfer them (with caution) to pre-prepared soil pots.


A seed’s germination depends on three fundamental principles: warmth, moisture, and darkness. With these conditions in place, a tiny taproot emerges, and over time, a cannabis seed develops into a sprout.

When soaked in water, most viable seeds will eventually crack open and reveal a white root. Once a seed’s taproot reaches an inch or so, it is ready to be transplanted into your grow medium of choice.

ILGM offers a variety of feminized and regular seeds that have high germination rates. Their lavender feminized seeds, for example, produce high THC with a pleasant aroma and 1% CBD.

To germinate cannabis seed, place a few seeds between damp paper towels (the “paper towel germination method”), seal in a plastic bag, and set it on a windowsill where it will get light but not much heat. It takes a few weeks for a seed to germinate using this method. If the seeds fail to sprout after a couple of weeks, try soaking them in water again.


The first step to a successful cannabis plant is germinating your seeds. Germination occurs when a seed is placed in an environment that provides proper temperature, light exposure and moisture.

In nature, this happens naturally during the spring when moist soil starts to warm up with the sun’s rays. During this process, the protective shell of the seed softens and the seed starts to grow roots in the earth.

Soil is important for marijuana seed germination because it provides nutrients that the seed needs to sprout and develop into a mature plant. It also helps the seed absorb oxygen and water from the atmosphere.

There are a few different ways to germinate cannabis seeds, but the most popular is the paper towel method. This requires a few supplies, including a paper towel, distilled water and a plate. Begin by soaking the paper towel in water until it’s saturated but not dripping wet. Place the seeds on the paper towel and cover them with a plate or plastic wrap.


Cannabis seeds need water to break their dormant state and sprout. Soaking in a glass of clean, warm water allows moisture to penetrate the seed shell within minutes. This causes the seed to absorb moisture and triggers hormones, releasing them into the environment to initiate germination.

A small white sprout, called a cotyledon or root tip, then emerges from the inside of the seed. This sprout will eventually grow into a mature cannabis plant with the characteristics of that strain.

If you are unsure which strains to choose for your grow, try asking fellow green-fingered friends what they enjoy and would recommend. Another great option is browsing online forums and diaries for detailed breakdowns on how to grow each strain. This is especially helpful for newcomers to find strains that are easy to grow and suit their growing conditions down to a tee.

Stone Wool Blocks

The use of stone wool (or rockwool) is popular among many commercial cannabis cultivators for seedling and clonal propagation. Cultivators appreciate the consistency that Grodan stone wool provides in its starter plugs and grow cubes which can support the rapid establishment of small seedlings, cuttings, and clones by ensuring efficient water and nutrient uptake.

This substrate also offers uniformity that can help facilitate automation and data collection for facilities conducting clonal propagation. Additionally, it is a safer alternative to other soil-based mediums for germination because it is inert and doesn’t retain volatile compounds that can harm the plant or lungs like coco coir or peat.

To prepare rockwool for cannabis, it should be soaked in water that has been lowered to a pH of around 5.5 using a pH adjuster. Some cultivators choose to lace this water with rooting stimulants to further encourage seedlings and clones to germinate and develop. Once a rockwool cube is ready for marijuana seeds, insert one seed per cube and place in a humidity dome with gentle grow light.

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