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Regular Seeds Vs Feminized Seeds

regular seeds

Many growers prefer to work with regular seeds over feminized seeds. They provide an excellent genetic base and offer more options for cloning. Whether you are looking for an intense potency or a balanced effect, you can find the perfect specimen through cloning.

Feminized plants produce only female flowers, whereas regular seeds can also produce male flowers (hermaphroditism). Male flowers are essential for the creation of new strains.

They are cheaper

Many growers choose regular seeds over feminized ones because of their cost-effectiveness. They also offer a higher yield for the first harvest and, when used to cultivate more plants, will produce plenty of seeds that can be used to produce additional crops.

The only drawback of choosing regular seeds is that they can grow either male or female marijuana plants, so you will have to weed out the males early into flowering. This extra step can take time, but it is worth the effort if you want to grow the best weed possible.

As a result of removing the male plants, the female cannabis plant becomes sturdy and less prone to stress throughout the entire growing process. This resilience can make it easier for novice growers to work with them. They can withstand sudden changes in photoperiod or watering, and they are resistant to insect pests, as well as the use of excessive fertilizers and other chemicals.

They are easier to grow

Regular seeds are what most growers started with until the 1980’s when feminized and autoflowering seeds became popular. They produce male and female cannabis plants at equal rate. While sexing the plants may be a bit of a challenge for beginner and novice growers, the reward is that they are less prone to stress throughout the cultivation process due to being hermaphrodite.

This is because growers will not have to worry about 40% of the plant population being male – saving them time, energy and space for other plants. They will also avoid the wasted growing medium and nutrients caused by removing hermaphrodite plants during the sexing process. This is a big advantage for any grower. Moreover, regular seeds are easier to breed for those that want to create new strains. They are also better suited for taking cuttings and making mother plants for future grows. This is especially important for genetic purists that prefer old school varieties such as the ones offered in Dutch Passion’s collection.

They are more stable

Regular seeds operate exactly how nature intended, with an equal chance of spawning male or female plants. These seeds are perfect for growers who want to use them to breed their own strains or clones. This is a process that requires experience, but hobbyist growers with a reasonable level of knowledge can successfully breed strains using regular seeds.

The only problem with this is that the plants will require a lot of attention during their flowering phase, as they must be screened for males to avoid any unwanted pollen affecting the females. Fortunately, most seed companies have experts available to help you with this and other growing issues.

The SSSC regular cannabis seeds collection features some of the best original 1980’s strains in the world, and these can be used to make a wide range of hybrids. SSSC regular seeds are ideal for old-school growers who prefer to work with natural genetics. They also work well with feminized and autoflowering seeds.

They are easier to breed

Regular seeds can produce a mix of male and female plants, but feminized seeds are designed to ensure that all the seeds will be female. This makes them ideal for commercial growers who want to ensure a high percentage of smokable buds with every harvest. In addition, a predominately female crop is easier to manage and eliminates the need to remove male plants or worry about pollination.

Feminized seeds can also be used to create new strains by combining a strong female plant with another one. This process can result in a stronger yield with the same potency as the original strain.

Using regular seeds to breed plants is not difficult, but it does require more time and effort than feminized seeds. Since regular seeds produce both male and female plants, growers must either cull the males or use them to make more seeds. This can waste a lot of growing medium and nutrients, but it is a great way to discover new phenotypes that are not available in feminized form.

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