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Regular Seed Vs Cloning and Organic

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If you’re a grower interested in creating new strains, regular seed is an excellent choice. Regular seeds produce both male and female plants, and you’ll need to weed out the males in order to get the desired result.

Many growers and breeders prefer working with regular cannabis seeds. This article will explore why this is the case, and highlight some of the benefits that regular seeds offer.


Regular seeds allow growers to develop their own unique strains, giving them more genetic diversity and the opportunity to experiment with genotypes and phenotypes. This may take a little more work and patience but it is worth the effort for many cultivators.

Feminized seeds are ideal for commercial growers that want to produce a specific ratio of female to male plants. They also perform in much the same way as regular seeds and can be grown to their full potential without having to worry about male plants contaminating the crop.

However, some growers prefer to work with regular seed as they are more likely to be hermaphrodite (have both male and female chromosomes) than feminized seeds. This means that a small proportion of the plants may be hermaphrodite and require the grower to cull them. This can lead to more wasted growing space, nutrients and light. However, a small number of hermaphrodites can be beneficial for the breeder as they can be used to create new strains.


Cloning refers to taking a cutting or clipping of one plant and then growing it into its own new plant. This process is quick, easy, and cost-effective. However, it’s important to know that clones can also be more susceptible to disease and pests than seeds because they haven’t had as much time to grow up and adjust to their new environment.

For clones to successfully root, they must be placed immediately into some sort of medium after they’re cut. This can be soil or starter cubes, and should include a cloning hormone to help it take root. It is also a good idea to quarantine clones for a few days to a week before introducing them to the rest of your garden.

This is because diseases like powdery mildew or mold spores can easily transfer from one clone to other plants. These types of problems aren’t usually evident with a naked eye, but by quarantining clones, you can ensure that all of your plants have a clean start.


Organic seeds are grown in accordance with certified organic farming standards from seed to harvest. Organic seed must be treated with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers and must be allowed to grow naturally in the soil. There is a much greater selection of heirlooms and rare varieties available from seed companies that specialize in organic seed. They can be more expensive than traditional seed, but many offer a money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with the product.

Some people buy organic seed to support the farmers and take a stand against pesticides. However, the seeds used to produce vegetable crops are usually sprayed more than those planted for direct consumption because there are fewer regulations over spraying non-food cropping areas. The chemicals used to treat the cropping area then wash down into the groundwater, causing upstream pollution. By using organic seed, you can reduce your use of these chemicals in your garden and in your community.


The successful development of seeds requires that the male organs (stamens) be transferred to the female organs (stigma). This is called pollination. During fertilization one sperm cell enters the ovule and is fused with a polar cell, creating a fertilized egg. The ovule then develops into the seed. The resulting seeds contain the genetic information needed to produce more plants of the same species.

Pollen is dispersed from a plant’s stamens by wind, water or by animals such as bees, bats, birds, moths, butterflies and insects. When the pollen reaches the stigma on another flower of the same species, it causes fertilization and seed production.

Although feminized seeds have become increasingly popular many growers still use regular seed. This is often because they want to recreate the natural pollination process or because they are trying to re-introduce wild cannabis plants back into the wild. When using regular seed you must separate the male plants from the females and use a pollen brush to apply pollen to each plant.

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