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Feminized Cannabis Seeds Vs Regular Cannabis Seeds

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Cannabis seeds have a light nutty taste and are very rich in minerals and vitamins. They help with weight loss by balancing hormones and provide your body with essential proteins.

Germinating a seed is a simple process if you follow the right steps. It takes 12 – 72 hours for a seed to sprout, depending on the storage conditions and germinating method.


Feminized cannabis seeds are fine-tuned to produce only female plants, eliminating the need for growers to germinate regular marijuana seeds. This allows growers to plant fewer seeds, and more of their efforts can go into the plants that will actually produce buds.

Before feminized seeds were invented, growers had to produce male and female plants in roughly equal numbers and then throw away the males to prevent them from pollinating the entire crop and ruining it with their seed. Feminized marijuana seeds have made growing much more convenient and accessible for home growers.

Feminized marijuana is created by crossing regular marijuana with Ruderalis, which produces only female plants. Breeders then use a process called selection to isolate the female plants. The resulting seeds are then crossed back with the original Ruderalis plants in order to create more of these feminized marijuana plants. This is a time consuming and labor intensive process, but it has produced some of the best feminized cannabis in the world.


Regular marijuana seeds are a great choice for any grower looking to get started. This is because they produce both male and female plants, allowing you to cull out the males at an early stage, thus eliminating the possibility of producing unwanted hermaphrodites in later growing stages.

Germinating regular cannabis seeds is easy. Simply place the seeds in a folded paper towel, add some bottled water and leave them to soak for up to 12 hours. Once the seeds have sprouted and grown a taproot, they are ready to plant.

Sunwest Genetics stocks a number of different regular strains, including Lavender feminized seeds that are perfect for beginner cultivators. They have a high THC content and a nice lavender flavor and provide good yields indoors and outdoors. Other options include Tropic Thunder regular, a mellow indica that offers fruity tones and a tropical high, and Granddaddy Purple regular, which is more suitable for experienced cultivators.


Cannabis seeds require a male plant to fertilize them, which creates hermaphrodite plants that produce both male and female flowers. This can be a complicated process that can lead to unwanted offspring, so it is important to select the best seeds for your grow.

Cannabis is an annual plant, which means it will grow all Spring and Summer and begin to flower towards Autumn when the days get shorter. This is the time when your Cannabis plant will produce the buds that you use to smoke or make extracts from.

Several molecular analytical techniques have been used to study the genetic structure of the Cannabis genus. Random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) studies have demonstrated the occurrence of multiple alleles within and between populations. These alleles can be characterized and compared with other species to identify hybrids. Despite the obvious differences in agricultural needs, seedless drug cannabis and hemp grain seed crops can co-exist in many regions. However, in the future it will be crucial to create enlightened policies that allow growers to establish buffer zones that protect sinsemilla crops from pollen from stray hemp seed crop farms.


The process of harvesting seeds takes a lot of time and effort. A good way to collect them is to rub flowers together, allowing all of the seeds to fall into a container. There are also mechanical methods to speed up the process.

The goal of most breeders is to create strains that are high-yielding, powerful in THC and CBD, or both. In order to achieve these goals, they must first select the right genetics for their breeding program. This process involves crossing and stabilizing a wide variety of strains.

The most important thing for new growers is to choose a strain that is easy to grow. This can be based on yield, plant size, terpenes or many other factors. It is also wise to choose a strain that does well indoors and outdoors.

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