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Why Regular Seed Is Better Than Feminized Seed

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While many growers prefer feminized seeds, regular marijuana seeds still have several benefits. They are cheaper to purchase and growers don’t need to worry about having to cull male plants.

In addition, regular seeds allow growers to breed plants for specific morphological traits and colouration. This is a crucial step in cannabis cultivation for those interested in creating new strains.

Unaltered Genes

Seeds are the reproductive structures of plants and act as survival mechanisms that overcome harsh environmental conditions unfavorable for plant growth. In order for seeds to perform their function and germinate in a suitable environment they need to develop and mature properly (Hughes and Rowe, 2008).

In our study we used HPLC to analyze sugar concentrations in dry seeds of the wild type Ler-0, the near isogenic line NILDOG1-Cvi and the non-dormant dog1-1 mutant. We found that the accumulation of monosaccharides such as glucose, fructose and xylose is significantly increased in the dog1-1 mutant, whereas the levels are lowered in the other two genotypes.

Genetic alterations that cannot occur naturally are considered novel and should be carefully evaluated to determine their potential impact on the health of humans, animals and the environment. The most common types of genetic alterations are substitutions (the exchange of one base for another), deletions (removing a sequence of bases) and duplications (doubling of a portion of a gene). However, it is also possible for genes to move between locations in the genome, i.e. allele swaps.

Unaltered Genetics

Genetics determine everything that a grower can control and expect from their crop. These genes govern harvest quality, yield quantities and terpene profiles. Growers who want their plants to perform consistently need to select seeds with stable genetics and a solid pedigree.

Unlike feminized seeds, regular cannabis seeds operate exactly how nature intended. Each germinated seed has an even chance of producing a flowering female or a pollen-producing male. This makes them ideal for breeding.

By selecting male and female specimens that produce contrasting traits, breeders can create new cultivars with balanced morphologies and flavour profiles. For example, if you are growing an indica-dominant strain, try crossing it with a sativa to create a balanced hybrid. The results of a six-primer microsatellite set revealed that the proportion of polymorphic loci, the effective number of alleles and Nei’s gene diversity were not statistically different in hermaphroditic or cross-fertilized populations. Moreover, the coefficient of relatedness of endosperms to embryos in compatriot seeds in heterofertilized seeds does not change relative to those in homofertilized kernels.

Unaltered Genetic Stability

If you buy regular seed, you will be purchasing seeds that have been genetically stabilized and tested for quality. This is a sign that the breeder takes their job seriously and is not interested in simply making a quick buck by producing seeds that quickly go out of stock.

Molecular stability assessment methods like RAPD and AFLP are routinely used for such purposes. In a similar manner, the stability of inserted genes and their inheritance pattern is often assessed as well.

This is especially important if you’re buying a strain that has been genetically modified to express certain characteristics. If the transgene insertion sequence is unstable or mutates, you could end up with plants that produce the wrong protein. This could affect the final product and its efficacy. This is why it’s best to stick with organic, non-genetically modified cannabis varieties for your next grow. This way, you can rest assured that the phenotypes will be consistent, and you’ll get the most out of each harvest.

Unaltered Growth

Regular seeds produce both male and female plants, but only the female plants will bear a harvest of buds. This is because only the females contain the potent terpenes and cannabinoids that provide the desired psychoactive effects of cannabis.

This means that when growing regular seed, there is a 50% chance of obtaining hermaphrodite plants. However, they are far more stable than feminized seeds and won’t become hermaphrodites under any stress (such as changing photoperiod or overfertilisation) that would cause them to sex up.

This makes them ideal for breeding and cloning. This is the best way to cultivate a strain that is exactly as you want it, whether this is for its terpenes, flavour profile or colours. It’s also very rewarding and a great way to learn about selective breeding, backcrossing and other breeding techniques. The result is a unique cultivar that you can call your own!

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