Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seed Vs Feminized Seed

For the grower who prefers traditional methods and likes the challenge of creating a strain from scratch, regular seed is often preferred. Growing this type of weed requires that the cultivator eliminate male plants before they pollinate and collect the pollen from the females (this is called breeding).

Place your seeds in a folded paper towel on a plate, add water to keep them moist, and place it in a warm dark spot. Germination will begin in about 120 hours.

Genetic Stability

In horticulture, genetic stability is defined as the ability of plants to produce consistent phenotypes over multiple growing and breeding cycles. This is accomplished through back-crossing and selecting for desired traits. The goal of genetic stability is to create strains that are homogenous and free from intersex characteristics. Unfortunately, many growers misunderstand the concept of genetic stability. They believe that a stable strain is guaranteed to produce one specific expression, but this is not the case. In reality, there are a variety of environmental and genetic reasons why a strain may exhibit intersex traits.

To determine genetic stability, scientists analyze AFLP samples from various varieties and seed deliveries. This method is sensitive to mutations and can detect a wide range of alleles. However, the results of DUS-evaluation should be considered in relation to other criteria for plant quality, such as phenotype and seed health. Moreover, differences between different varieties and seed deliveries might be as important as differences among the same variety or breeding program.


Since feminized seeds have become so popular, many breeders have shifted their focus. However, regular seeds remain in demand from a few growers who prefer the versatility of breeding their own strains. Regular seeds produce male and female plants, so growers can collect pollen to create new phenotypes.

The process of breeding is necessary for creating a new strain because marijuana plants need to produce both sexes to produce resinous buds. Male plants produce pollen sacs that can pollinate the females and result in seedy bud.

Most beginner growers choose feminized seeds to avoid the hassle of culling useless male plants. However, experienced cultivators may find that regular seeds are a more rewarding experience. This is because breeding their own strains allows them to explore a never-before-seen combination of phenotypes. It also allows them to hone their growing skills. Ultimately, the choice between regular and feminized seeds will come down to cultivation experience and the cultivator’s primary goal.


Clones are cuttings taken from a mother plant that are then rooted in hydro or soil before being planted into your garden. They offer many benefits over growing from seeds. They are faster to grow and reach maturity. They also have the same phenotype as their mother and do not carry any flaws or weaknesses inherited from her DNA.

Cloning is a great way to reproduce your favorite strain and to ensure that you always have a healthy mother plant. You should only take a cutting from a healthy and vigorous plant that is two months into its vegetative cycle. It is also important to select a clone that has white roots and is free of any brown ones.

Clones require a high level of care and maintenance. They should be kept in a nutrient-rich growing medium and placed in a sterile environment. Clones will root in 3-14 days, depending on the conditions. They should be given water and a rooting hormone to accelerate the process.


Due to their more natural and easy production, regular seeds are often cheaper than feminized strains. This makes them a great option for growers on a budget who still want to experience the full benefits of the cannabis plant.

Regular seeds also give a greater proportion of female plants than feminized seeds, as there is no need to eliminate male specimens from the crop during the cultivation process. This can lead to a higher yield for the grower, especially when it comes to fruiting and flowering.

There are also many heritage strains that were produced before the feminized seed market took hold of the industry. These old-school genetics got left behind in the rush towards feminized varieties, and can only be found as regular marijuana seeds. This allows them to be preserved and used for future generations. These strains can be ‘fused’ with other marijuana strains to create new cultivars. The result is a strain with a unique terpene profile, highs that are incredibly potent, and beautiful flowers.

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