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How to Find the Best Seed Deals on the Web

Seeds are the package that contains a plant embryo. They are essential for plants because they provide the starting point for new growth. Seeds come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some seeds are large enough to float, helping them disperse. Others are small, like those of epiphytic orchids.


The Burpee Seeds website is well-organized and offers a comprehensive product pool for gardeners. You can browse a variety of categories, including vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers. Various filters allow you to narrow down your choices and view only Burpee exclusive varieties. You can also choose between seeds and bare root plants.

Founded by W. Atlee Burpee in 1876, the company is a leading mail-order seed supplier. The company’s popular categorized catalogs have inspired novice and veteran gardeners alike to plant each year. The company’s products include Big Boy tomatoes, Lady marigolds, and other varieties of flowers and vegetables.

Burpee’s founder recognized that home gardening was an important industry. He traveled to Europe to study the best seeds and breeding techniques. This helped him develop better varieties that adapted to America’s climate and conditions. He also created a satisfaction guarantee for his customers. This is still in practice today. The company also sells soil mixes, plant ties, hoses, raised bed systems, and other products for the garden.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

For Johnny’s Selected Seeds, a company that prides itself on offering superior seeds and information to customers, digital innovation is key. To foster this mission, the seed company partnered with Salesforce to launch an ecommerce site that encourages visitors to spend 33% longer on the site and look at 29% more pages.

The employee-owned company has been serving home gardeners and commercial growers since 1973. It offers vegetable, flower, and herb seeds, as well as tools and supplies for growing crops. It also provides research and technical information. The company is based in Winslow, Maine, and has a 200-acre research farm in Albion. The company is also working to expand its geographic reach by sharing regional seeds with mid-sized farmers and home gardeners. The CEO said that the company’s goal is to keep jobs in central Maine, even with post-pandemic trends toward allowing employees to work remotely. The company employs more than 250 people across three locations in the state.


If you’re looking for cheap gardening supplies, Lowe’s has a variety of deals to suit any budget. You can find everything from potting soil to greenhouse peat pots. The store also has a selection of gardening accessories, such as plant labels and heating mats. You can even find seeds that are perfect for reseeding plants in the garden.

Lowe’s also has a plethora of coupons and rebates for both online and in-store purchases. They also offer same-day delivery and special financing offers. Customers can also take advantage of their price-match guarantee.

Some of the cheapest gardening supplies at Lowe’s come from their clearance sales, which usually occur after holidays or when they need to clear out old stocks. These plants are often dead, but if anyone can bring them back to life, they’re a great bargain. Customers can return these plants within 90 days for a refund. They also offer a free shipping on orders over $79 and accept returns by mail or in store.

Home Depot

Home Depot is a home improvement retailer. Its main products include hardware, building materials, power tools, flooring, paint, wall coverings, lumber, and garden supplies. It also sells appliances, home furnishings, and kitchen cabinetry. Its services include delivery, installation, and professional advice.

The company has been in business since 1984. Its founders, Bernard Marcus and Arthur Blank, started the business as Handy Dan Home Improvement Centers. It is the largest home improvement store in North America with over 260 locations.

The Home Depot Seeds program offers exclusive seeds and plants to home gardeners. The seeds are carefully packaged and shipped to keep them fresh during their long journey. Seeds members are able to review the products they receive on the Home Depot website. The reviews are distinguished from other customer ratings with a message indicating that the review was provided as part of the Seeds program. Members are not compensated for their reviews, but they are able to keep the products they receive.

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