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Regular Seed – Get Back to the Roots of Your Favourite Strains

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With the huge focus on feminized seeds, it’s easy to forget that regular seed is still vital. As well as providing a great yield, regular seeds are a good option for growers that want to practise and improve their growing skills.

Growing regular seeds gives you a natural ratio of male and female plants, perfect for breeding new strains. This will enable you to discover phenotypes and genotypes that may not have made it into the feminized market.


Unlike feminized seeds, regular seed do not undergo any genetic tampering. This means that they can produce both male and female plants. The ratio of male and female plants can vary depending on the environment, but the overall result is usually about 50/50. The plants that are female can be smoked or used for breeding, while the males can be discarded.

Regular seeds can be a better choice for growers who are looking to work with old school cultivars that were never feminized. This way, they can work with the plant from the beginning and select it for certain traits based on height, structure, internodal spacing, leaf pattern, aroma, and vigor.

Choosing regular seeds can also give growers a more consistent crop. Feminized seeds can be harder to work with because growers have to identify and remove male plants. This can be time consuming and expensive, especially if the grower grows many seeds at a time.


Whether you’re a first-time cultivator or an experienced breeder, growing regular seeds will allow you to get back to the roots of your favourite strains. These classic varieties have been unaltered by human hands for millennia and provide a truly organic experience.

However, it’s important to note that this can also mean that on average a batch of regular seed will include some male plants which you will have to cull out later in the grow process. It’s recommended to germinate a few extra seeds than the number you want to plant in order to ensure you have enough female plants for your next harvest.

For experienced growers who enjoy all aspects of cultivation, a crop of regular seeds will produce a harvest that can be used to cultivate your own seeds for the future. As these seeds can be hermaphrodites, you may end up with some male or intersex plants but this is all part of the natural process and can help you create a more genetically diverse and stable plant.


While some plants can self-pollinate (fertilize themselves), most flowers need to be pollinated by other flowers of the same species in order for fertilization and successful seed development. This process is called cross-pollination and it happens when bees, birds, other animals, water or the wind move pollen grains from one flower’s anther to another flower’s stigma.

Many flowers attract bees and other pollinators by using a combination of color, scent and sweet nectar to lure them in. These insects become covered with pollen as they feed, and when they visit a different flower they will rub off the pollen onto that flower’s stigma. This transfers the male gametes into an ovary of a new flower and fertilizes it.

A successful fertilization results in the production of seeds, fruit and new plant life. All plants need pollination to survive and thrive, so growers often try to control the amount of natural cross-pollination that occurs in their gardens.


Regular seeds are ideal for anyone looking to start their own breeding project. This is because they will produce a mix of male and female plants, which means you can take clones from them and plant the best ones to create new strains. This is also a good option for beginner growers, as it will help them learn the ropes and avoid any problems that may occur with feminized seeds.

Feminized seeds can be difficult for beginners to work with, as they are designed to only produce female plants. This can cause problems when trying to make clones, and is often impossible for beginners to do successfully.

With regular seed, you can avoid these issues and have a much easier time working with your plant. They can also give you the chance to experience a wider variety of genetics, as they have not been tampered with in any way. This can be beneficial for growers who enjoy having a diverse collection of different strains to choose from.

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