Best Regular Seeds

Why Regular Seeds Are Better Than Feminized Seeds

regular seeds

Regular seeds are cannabis seeds that produce male and female plants in the natural ratio, as dictated by nature. They are the preferred type of seeds before feminized seeds became popular.

They are less expensive, and their gender balance is more predictable than feminized seeds. They also offer advantages for growers experimenting with different phenos for breeding purposes.

They are cheaper

Feminized seeds may be more expensive than regular seeds, but they offer several advantages for growers. These include higher yields and consistency. Also, they can help breeders create new strains. However, growers should be aware that the percentage of male plants in a seed pack can vary. On average, a seed package will contain around 50% female plants and 10% males.

Regular seeds are hardy and stress-resistant, and they are suitable for beginners. They are easy to germinate and produce large harvests if they are planted in early spring. They can also be grown all year round, but you will have to follow the photoperiod of each strain.

Tropic Thunder regular seeds offer a mellow indica high with fruity tones that are perfect for a nighttime chill. This is a great choice for intermediate growers as it has a long flowering period and produces thick buds. You can expect a yield of up to 35 oz from this plant.

They are easier to grow

As the name suggests, regular seeds operate how nature intended cannabis plants to operate. Each seed has a 50% chance of becoming either a flowering female or pollen-producing male. This makes them ideal for breeding, which is essential for creating new cultivars with extreme potency, a specific terpene profile or unique colours. In addition, they are hardier than feminized seeds and can endure stress well.

When feminized seeds are created, a specific phenotype is chosen and its ‘reversed’ pollen is used to preserve the next plant generation. With regular seeds, however, it is possible to find a completely different phenotype worth keeping in your grow room.

Since each seed will yield a different genetic variation, it can be easier for growers to control the flowering time and quantity of buds produced by their crop. This is why some growers choose to use regular seeds alongside their feminized seeds. This also helps them avoid the waste of space and nutrients that is caused by removing 40% of the plants after sexing.

They are more stable

If you want to grow marijuana without using chemicals, regular seeds are the way to go. This method allows you to create a stable strain of your own by making clones and selecting the specimens that produce the best qualities. These include morphology, yield, colour, insect resistance, terpene profile, and THC/CBD ratio.

In general, regular cannabis seeds will produce a mix of male and female plants. While this can be frustrating for some growers, it is a necessary step in breeding plants. For those who wish to create their own strains, it is important to be able to eliminate male plants and focus on cultivating the desired phenotypes.

In order to make feminized seeds, growers use chemicals such as colloidal silver on one of the female plants to induce stress and force it to release pollen that will fertilize another plant. This process is less invasive than sexing, but it can be a bit unpredictable and may result in hermaphrodites.

They are more versatile

With feminized seeds becoming increasingly popular among growers, it is easy to forget that regular seeds still have plenty of benefits for breeders. Growers can use them to create strains that produce their favourite terpenes and highs, or experiment with different combinations of traits to produce unique cultivars. They can also be used to breed clones that are more stable and less likely to become hermaphrodites than feminized plants.

For example, Tropic Thunder Regular is a mellow indica with fruity tones that remind you of a tropical sunset cocktail. Its effects mellow out at nighttime and are perfect for a laid-back chill out session. It takes around ten weeks to flower and is suitable for intermediate growers. It is a parent strain to Gorilla Glue, which has an energizing high and a potent THC percentage. It is a great strain to start breeding from. Its yields can reach up to 21 oz. It is a good idea to germinate these seeds on a damp paper towel.

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