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Regular Seed – Why Grow Regular Cannabis?

regular seed

Regular seed is a favourite of growers who enjoy crossing their plants to create unique new strains. However, identifying and removing male plants can be a difficult task for some gardeners.

Feminized seeds eliminate the issue of male plants by guaranteeing a 100% female crop. But, why do we still stock regular seeds?

It’s cheaper

Choosing the right seed type depends on cultivation experience, primary goal for harvest, and space restrictions. Many growers will choose feminized seeds to avoid wasted time and space sexing male plants, while others prefer the genetic purity and stability that regular seeds provide.

The main advantage of choosing regular seeds is that they are cheaper than feminized or autoflower seeds. This is because the odds of a pack turning out male plants are much higher with feminized seeds, and growers spend significantly more time and money weeding out the males.

If you want to save on your cannabis seeds, check out Herbies Seeds, a leading provider of high-quality regular and feminized marijuana seeds. Their selection of over 120 breeders is impressive and their prices are competitive. You can even save more by buying in bulk, which allows you to take advantage of discounts and sales. The website offers a wide range of options from both domestic and foreign breeders, including rare strains like the Hulk.

It’s easier to breed

While feminised seeds have become increasingly popular in recent years, many growers still prefer regular cannabis seed. They are more versatile and can be used to create unique strains. You can experiment with different phenotypes and find ones that produce your favourite terpenes, high, and flowers. It’s also much easier to breed your own cultivars using regular seed than feminized seeds, which are only suitable for a single harvest.

While it’s hard to predict the exact percentage of female plants from a batch of regular seeds, the theorical ratio should be about 50%. That means that a typical batch of 10 regular seeds will yield around 4-6 female plants.

However, growing regular seeds can be a challenge for newcomers. It’s important to choose a strain that suits your growing experience, climate, flowering time and desired yield. A good choice is a classic strain with a known history and high-yield potential. Dutch Passion’s collection of regular seeds includes legendary classics such as White Widow and Orange Bud.

It’s more stable

Regular cannabis seeds allow you to create clones that will have the same traits as the parent plant. This is important if you want to perfect your favourite strain or develop a new one. Clones are extremely stable and can be grown in a variety of environments. Clones are also a good choice for growers who are looking to try different flavour profiles and colours.

When you work with regular seed, you have a 50% chance of getting male and female plants. This is how nature intended it to be. While most growers want feminized marijuana seeds, some breeders and experienced growers prefer working with regular seeds for specific purposes.

When you work with regular seeds, you can discover new phenotypes that may not be possible with feminized seeds. You can find unique flavour profiles, colours, and potency that you wouldn’t have found with a feminized strain. Regular seeds are also more vigorous than their feminized counterparts and can withstand stresses better.

It’s easier to germinate

One of the best reasons to grow regular seed is that old-school cultivars that existed before feminization became popular did not make it into the feminized market and have only been preserved in their original regular form. Growing these rare strains gives you the opportunity to experiment with back crossing and create your own unique strain from scratch.

Another reason to choose regular seed is its stability. Unlike feminized seeds, regular seeds produce male plants on average 50% of the time. That means you will need to do a lot of work to select and remove the male plants from your cultivation space, and this can be costly in terms of substrate and products. For this reason, feminized seeds are more popular for those that want to save money and time. However, for breeders, regular seed is still the way to go. The genetics are more stable and consistent, and it’s easier to clone and create your own unique strain.

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