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Working With Feminized Seed Vs Regular Seed

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Feminized cannabis seeds have become increasingly popular, and many growers now choose to work exclusively with feminized varieties. However, working with regular seed is still a viable option and offers some key advantages.

Plants grown from regular seed rarely, if ever, go hermaphrodite, unlike feminized plants. This makes them ideal for growers who want a consistent crop without the hassle of weeding out male specimens.


The breeding process is a huge part of the seed industry. Farmers use a variety of selective breeding techniques to improve the quality and quantity of crops. These methods involve the collection of fruits and seeds from only those plants that produce healthy, desirable phenotypes. Breeding has moved from being a highly democratic activity involving farmers saving and sharing farm-saved seed to a more closed, science-based system with strong oversight and certification rules.

As a result, regular seeds are ideal for preserving genetics and creating new strains. They have the ability to produce male and female plants, which means that they can also be used for cloning. However, the process of identifying and removing males can be difficult for beginner growers. Male plants pollinate the females, which can reduce yield levels. This is why growing regular seeds isn’t recommended for novices. However, if you are committed to the preservation of your favorite strains and the development of brand-new varieties, then growing these seeds may be worth it for you.


Cloning allows cultivators to produce plants that are identical genetically to the mother plant. The resulting cannabis plants are more potent and yield higher amounts of flower buds. They can also be recloned for an unlimited number of harvests. Clones tend to grow faster than seeds, but they require a nutrient-rich growing medium like clay pellets or rockwool and need to be watered frequently to avoid overwatering.

During cloning, the nucleus of a donor cell (often taken from a mature parent) is transferred into an unfertilized egg. The resulting embryo is then implanted in the uterus of a woman who will carry the clone’s genetic traits. While cloning is not without controversy, many believe that it can save lives by providing an alternative to abortion and organ donation. Some even argue that it can give grieving parents a way to have a child to replace a deceased one. However, others say that denying children of the same gene pool the opportunity to develop their own unique personalities would be wrong.


The genetics of a plant determine how it grows and behaves, but an organism’s environment and experiences also affect gene expression. This is the principle behind “nature versus nurture.” For example, two corn plants that are genetically identical may grow differently if one is grown in a temperate climate and the other is planted in an arid climate.

While a strong negative correlation exists between seed size and number, the overall variance explained by this trait is relatively low. This is likely because many environmental factors influence seed size through resource uptake or life-history determinants.

QTL analysis using MAGIC lines identified eight QTL for seed size and nine for number per fruit, explaining 15% of the variation (Table 1). Narrow-sense heritability was estimated to be 0.32 using curated data. Candidate genes underlying the QTL on chromosome 1 include AAP1 and KLUH, which have nonsynonymous substitutions unique to Bur-0. These genes are located 250 kb from the largest seed size QTL.


For those that love the taste of real fruit, a ripe tomato, or a natural scent, organic food may be your ideal. Organic farming involves growing crops without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

However, there are several things to keep in mind before you decide to buy organic. Organic foods cost more than those grown using conventional methods, and they can be less nutritious. You should also choose a variety of foods to lower your risk of exposure to a single pesticide.

Since cannabis is a dioecious plant, regular seeds are vital for breeding and cloning. Regular seeds allow a strain to express its genetic lineage fully. If you are after a particular phenotype, whether it is a high THC content, a specific flavour or colour, you will need regular seed to achieve it. Organic food must also be produced by a certified organic operator to meet USDA standards. This includes the grower, handler, certifier and inspector.

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