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Regular Seed Is Essential For Breeding Projects

regular seed

Unlike feminized seeds, regular seed produces both male and female plants. Growers typically discard the male plants but they are essential for sexing out phenotypes for breeding projects.

This is why some growers prefer working with regular seed over feminized varieties. However, there are some important things to keep in mind.

Genetic Stability

A cannabis plant’s genetics dictate which cannabinoids it will contain, how big the plant will grow and other vital characteristics. Creating high-quality, stable strains requires careful selection of mother and father plants to create hybrid offspring. This process, known as stabilisation, takes several generations, resulting in desirable traits becoming dominant and consistent in every offspring, while undesirable traits are gradually eliminated from the gene pool.

Feminized seeds, on the other hand, are genetically unstable – not so much that they can’t be grown, but enough that you need to be very careful to eliminate male plants before pollinating them or prepare to cross them with their other desired parent (again, a female plant). This means you will need to dedicate more of your time and energy to weeding out the males, rather than simply growing your favourite strain. This can cause a loss of productivity and reduce yields. It also increases the risk of inbreeding depression, where desired traits become less and less common with each generation.

Easier to Breed

For growers looking to create their own strains of cannabis, regular seeds are essential. They allow you to breed your plants and produce new seeds for cultivation. To breed your own strains of marijuana, simply grow the male plants in a separate room or grow tent to collect their pollen and transfer it to female plants to cultivate new seeds.

This process can take some time and effort, but it is well worth the rewards of creating your own unique strains. You can also use these male plants to create your own clones, which are often easier to cultivate than cuttings from regular seed. Additionally, a predominately female crop can make it easier to manage and work with since you won’t have to deal with male plants ruining your harvest. This can save you a lot of money and stress throughout the growing process. It is also a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way to breed your own strains of marijuana.

Less Expensive

Many growers purchase regular seeds to breed. Cultivators who love to experiment with their plants can use regular seeds to create a strain that is the perfect blend of terpenes, colours or flowering time. Regular seeds are also used for cloning, so growers can duplicate the exact genetics of a particular plant.

Growing a strain that you have bred yourself will give you an unparalleled feeling of accomplishment and ownership. Brewing your own cannabis is a process that requires patience and skill, but it is possible for anyone who wants to get started with home cultivation.

Since feminized seeds don’t need to be sexed, they’re a little less expensive than other varieties. But the extra effort required to sex your plants means you’ll need more than just one pack of feminized seeds to get the same yield as a pack of regular seeds. This is something that should be taken into account when planning your next crop.

Less Predictable

In contrast to feminized cannabis seeds, regular seeds have a chance of producing both male and female plants. This makes it harder to predict exactly how your plants will grow, as some may turn out to be male — if they produce pollen at all.

This may not be a problem for experienced growers who have access to separate sexing rooms, but it can be frustrating for novice and first-time cultivators who want a more predictable result. It is important to buy enough regular seed to cover any male plants that you will need to cull from your harvest.

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