Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seeds

Before feminized seeds were available, growers used regular seeds to produce their own strains by crossing different specimens. This process can be very rewarding and is ideal for those looking to capture a particular morphology, colour or flavour profile in their crop.

However, many beginners don’t fully understand the differences between regular and feminized seeds. This article will explore the main characteristics of both and how they affect cultivation.

They are easy to grow

Regular cannabis seeds produce male and female plants, and the number of each depends on environmental conditions. This can be a problem for some growers, who prefer to plant feminized seeds to avoid the hassle of weeding out male plants.

Feminized seeds are a great choice for experienced growers because they germinate into only female plants, reducing wasted effort and time. They also produce larger yields than regular strains, making them ideal for commercial cultivation.

Using regular seeds to breed your own marijuana plants gives you the opportunity to create a strain that displays the traits you’re looking for, such as specific terpenes or a particular colour. You can even grow a clone of a particular specimen and reproduce it exactly, with the same flavours, high, or appearance.

Tropic Thunder regular is an easy-to-grow 22% THC cultivar with mellow tropical fruit tones and a relaxing finish. This sativa is suited to veteran cultivators and will reach full maturity in October, with yields up to 35 oz.

They are easy to breed

Regular marijuana seeds produce both male and female plants, which can be a bit of a hassle for growers who prefer to avoid having to cull the males. However, many cannabis connoisseurs prefer this method for its authentic and genetically untouched nature. It is also a popular choice among old-school growers who prefer to use their own regular seeds in hybrids and crosses.

To produce regular seeds, breeders cross a male plant with a female one. This produces offspring that are 50% female. This process takes time and skill, so it is best to choose a breeder with experience.

SSSC offers some of the finest and most potent original 1980’s strains in regular seed form. The collection includes a variety of sativas, including Granddaddy Purple, which can produce colossal harvests. Tropic Thunder is a mellow indica that will melt you away with its fruity tropical flavors. Its sativa lineage makes it better suited to veteran cultivators.

They are easy to store

Regular seeds are easy to store for the long term, and can be stored in a variety of containers. Paper envelopes are a good choice for short term storage, and they can be placed inside a larger container such as a glass jar to protect them from light. A vacuum sealed plastic bag is ideal for longer storage.

It is also a good idea to add a desiccant pack to your storage container, which will absorb excess moisture and keep the seeds dormant. You can find these packs at most drugstores and even grocery stores.

It is important to store your seeds in a dark and cool place for best results. Temperature fluctuations can imitate changing seasons and cue seeds to begin growing, which can lead to sprouting or decay. This can be avoided by keeping the seeds in a fridge that is dedicated to seed storage. It is also recommended to use an opaque container for storage, as this will help to reduce insect pest damage.

They are easy to transport

When transporting and storing regular seeds, it is important to keep them in a dry environment that is cool and dark. This will prevent them from sprouting prematurely and encourage dormancy. This will also help to preserve their genetics and ensure that they are ready for planting. It is also a good idea to label your seeds so you can remember what strain they are and the date that you purchased them.

If you are an experienced cultivator, you may choose to grow with regular seeds instead of autoflower or feminized seeds. This choice is based on your growing location and your desired flowering time. Regular seeds require a little more work, such as culling male plants and sexing females, but they offer rigorous growth and high yields. They are also ideal for breeding purposes, so you can create the marijuana strain of your dreams.

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