Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seed – What Are They?

regular seed

Regular seeds are natural cannabis seeds that produce male and female plants. They are a good choice for growers and breeders who want to make their own strains of marijuana.

Using regular seeds can help you avoid waste of space and nutrients by eliminating the need to sex your plants. This can save you money and time.

They are more expensive than feminized seeds

Regular seeds can also be more potent than feminized seeds. This is because feminized seeds are often produced using low-quality parent genetics, which may result in lower levels of THC. However, a feminized plant may still produce high amounts of THC if it is crossed with a strong regular strain.

Feminized seeds are a good option for growers who want to focus on yield and do not have the time or space to deal with male plants. However, regular seeds offer more genetic diversity and can produce more vigorous plants that are better adapted to their growing environment.

If you are a cannabis connoisseur, you will likely enjoy growing regular seeds because they allow you to create the perfect strain for your needs. You can experiment with different strains to find the best terpenes and flavors, as well as a high quality yield. Be sure to consider the climate where you will be growing your plants and use the right nutrients for optimum results.

They are easier to grow

The advantage of regular seeds is that they are easier to grow. This is especially true for beginner growers who don’t have much experience with breeding or selecting phenotypes. Feminized seeds are also less likely to produce male plants, so they can be a good option for growers who want a higher yield of smokable buds.

Another advantage of regular seed is that it’s a good choice for genetic purists who like to breed their own cultivars. This is because old-school strains that have stood the test of time are often not feminized and may require regular seeds for back crossing or creating new generations of the cultivar.

In addition, with a predominately female crop, it’s easier to manage a larger operation and get the most out of your growing space and nutrients. With feminized seeds, you’ll need to be on the lookout for male plants and remove them before they pollinate. This can be a hassle, especially for growers who are limited to a certain number of plants or who prefer a particular flowering time.

They are more resistant to pests and diseases

Regular seeds are ideal for those growers who prefer to remain as organic as possible. They’re also a good choice for those who are interested in making their own seed stock. This process involves separating the male and female plants and collecting their pollen to cross with other strains to create new strains.

The result of this crossing will be a hybrid that combines the best characteristics of both parent strains. This allows for the creation of strains with specific terpene profiles, THC/CBD levels, resistance to pests, and other desired qualities.

When it comes to breeding, regular seeds offer more genetic diversity than feminized seeds. This is especially important when it comes to creating a particular phenotype that has unique traits, such as high THC levels and specific flavor profiles. This is why many growers choose to use regular seeds when taking clones from their favorite strains. This method can be very rewarding, and it helps reduce the amount of feminized seeds that are needed to produce a full harvest.

They are easier to breed

When it comes to breeding, regular seeds are better than feminized ones. They produce a greater percentage of female plants, and growers can focus their efforts on the best buds, rather than weeding out males. This can increase yield and improve plant health.

In addition, growing regular seed allows growers to access older strains that never made it into the feminized market. These old-school varieties can offer unsurpassed genetics that are simply unavailable in feminized form.

Besides offering superior genetics, regular seeds are easier to breed than feminized ones. Feminized seeds are produced through a process that stresses female plants, which can lead to stability issues. Regular seeds, on the other hand, are created through natural breeding and are more stable. They also allow growers to produce clones, which are extremely valuable in the cultivation industry. Clones are a great way to cultivate high-quality marijuana with a consistent THC content and resistance to pests. They are also useful for crossbreeding and creating new strains.

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