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The Benefits of Regular Seed

regular seed

Regular seeds are the best option for growers who want to make their own custom genetic crosses. These seeds contain both male and female chromosomes, meaning that in a sample of 10 seeds there will be about 50% male plants and 40% females.

This ratio fluctuates, and some times more of the plants produced will become hermaphrodites. This is an important aspect for growers who want to create new strains.

They are not genetically modified

Despite the concerns of some people, GMO seeds are not being sold everywhere. The vast majority of seeds sold in stores and by seed companies are hybrid, open pollinated, or heirloom. The only seeds that are genetically modified are those produced by commercial farmers, and not home gardeners. These plants are usually injected with genes that make them produce only female seeds, so they can be planted again and reproduced.

The next time you’re buying seeds, look for a company that has signed the Safe Seed Pledge. These small seed companies promise to not buy or sell genetically modified seeds. This pledge is an important step for any gardener who strives to be socially responsible. In addition, these companies often offer a variety of heirloom, hybrid, and standard seeds, so you can find the type that is right for your garden.

They are cheaper

Regular seeds offer a variety of benefits for the grower. They can be used in breeding programs to create a diverse genetic pool and help you find the best strains for your growing conditions. In addition, they are less expensive than feminized seeds.

Many experienced growers prefer to work with regular seeds because they offer more flexibility and control. Breeding cannabis can be a difficult and time-consuming process, but it can be very rewarding for those who enjoy the challenge. It is also a great way to develop unique, high-quality strains.

Unlike feminized seeds, regular seeds have the potential to produce both male and female plants. This gives the grower more options and allows them to create a strain with specific qualities, such as a higher THC or CBD content or a distinctive flavor profile. Moreover, the cultivation of regular seeds is more natural and sustainable than the production of feminized or autoflowering seeds. Therefore, they are a better option for beginners and people who are looking for a more natural experience.

They are easier to grow

One of the main advantages of regular seeds is that they can produce both male and female plants. This allows growers to test different strains and select the best ones for breeding. This process is often referred to as pheno hunting. It can be a rewarding experience for any grower.

Another advantage of regular seeds is that they can be used to create a new strain from an existing phenotype. This process can be quite gratifying for any grower who is a fan of old school varieties or has a desire to create their own unique cultivars.

This is because when feminized seeds are produced, a specific phenotype is chosen and its ‘reversed’ pollen is used to protect the next generation of seeds. However, when using regular seed, the grower can choose which phenotypes to keep and which to take clones of. They can also select for traits such as growth pattern, development of leaves and stems, scent, yield, insect resistance, terpene profile, and THC/CBD ratio.

They are more stable

Regular seed is more stable than feminized seeds, which are more prone to unstable mutations. Feminized seeds are ideal for commercial growers who want to control the number of female plants in their crop. However, if you want to plant your own cannabis crop, you should consider purchasing regular seeds. In general, a batch of 10 regular seeds will produce about three male plants and seven females.

This makes it easy for you to select your favorite phenotype and breed it into new strains. This versatility is why regular seeds are still the preferred option for experienced breeders. In fact, if you’re a genetic purist, you should never use feminized seeds to create your own strains. In addition, if you’re breeding your own cultivars, using regular seed is more cost-effective than feminized seeds. This is especially important for larger batches of seeds. The cost of feminized seeds is much higher than the price of regular seed.

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