Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seed – Why They’re Better Than Feminized Seeds

regular seed

Regular seeds function exactly how nature intended them to. They have a 50% chance of germinating into either male or female plants. This is useful for growers who want to breed their own cultivars and have better-quality clones.

The decision to choose feminized or regular seed will come down to cultivation experience and your primary harvest goals. Feminized seeds have several advantages, but traditional seed is still the preferred option for many experienced growers.

They are cheaper

Regular cannabis seeds grow into either male or female plants, so it’s necessary to cull the males out of your crop early into flowering. If not removed, they’ll fertilize the females and cause seed production in the buds, resulting in a poor harvest. Culling male plants is a must for any self-sufficient cultivator and can be done by simply identifying minuscule sprouts that resemble hairs.

If you’re looking for a cheap strain to try your hand at growing, QCS has a range of regular weed seeds that are affordable. Grapefruit regular, for example, is a citrusy treat that soothes the mind and body with a refreshing aroma. And for something a bit stronger, you can’t go wrong with Moby Dick regular. Its pine, vanilla, and lemon flavor satisfies the craving for potency while providing an invigorating high. It’s the perfect wake ’n bake.

They are more stable

Unlike feminized seeds, which need to have their light cycle changed to trigger flowering, regular seeds will flower in accordance with the natural light cycles of the season. This makes them a better choice for growers who cultivate outdoors and are not worried about male plants. They are also less expensive to produce, which is why many growers choose to plant them.

If a gardener is careful with the growing conditions of their vegetables and herb seeds, they can expect to get healthy, smokable crops. However, some seeds may fail to germinate or become infected with disease during the growing process. Using a seed treatment such as fungicide or pesticides can prevent these problems and help the seeds grow.

They are easier to breed

Regular seeds operate just as nature intended, meaning they have a 50% chance of growing into either male or female plants. While this can create some challenges for growers, most agree that the benefits outweigh the costs.

With regular seed, you will be able to grow your own strains and cultivate the exact phenotypes that appeal to you. This is important because different strains have different terpenes, highs, and effects. You can then combine these variations to make your own custom cannabis strains.

Growing with regular seeds will require you to weed out any male plants and eliminate them before they pollinate the females. This can be a difficult task, but it is necessary to produce a quality crop. The good news is that it will also increase your yields. This will allow you to grow a larger amount of flowers and get the highest possible return on your investment. For these reasons, many growers prefer to use regular seeds when breeding their own strains.

They are easier to weed out

Regular cannabis seeds operate just like nature intended. They have a 50% chance of producing male plants or females, so they’re more suitable for breeders who want to create new cultivars. They’re also more stable than feminized seeds, which are often sprayed with unpleasant-sounding chemicals to suppress the production of male pollen sacs.

Unlike feminized seeds, which can be bred using any plant that produces pollen, regular marijuana seed is only bred from plants with fertile flowers. This means that you’ll have a better chance of getting a high-quality female plant, which is important for breeding.

Choosing regular seeds is also a good idea for growers who don’t mind culling the male plants. Cultivating with regular seeds requires more attention to detail, but it’s worth it for those who prioritize the flavor of their buds. This includes growers who use techniques such as topping, fimming, and lollypopping. These methods stress the plants and can cause them to go feminized.

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