Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seeds – Why Are They Better Than Feminized Seeds?

Regular seeds can produce both male and female plants. This is a problem for some growers because it can waste space, water, and nutrients on the male plants.

However, you can eliminate this by dedicating a room or grow tent to male plants and collecting their pollen for future breeding projects. This will give you double the yields of your regular seeds.

They Are More Stable

The fact that regular seeds produce a mix of male and female plants makes them more stable than feminized seeds. They’re ideal for growers who are interested in breeding and developing a new strain. Some growers collect male plant pollen and cold-store it for later use. They can then brush the pollen onto their female plants to fertilise them.

A predominately female crop is easier to manage. Growers won’t have to worry about a male plant ruining their crop and will get higher quality buds as a result.

Growing out regular sexed plants is useful when a grower is going to carry out large pheno hunts for future breeding projects. This method allows them to work with a larger selection of plants and to choose the best phenos based on height, structure, internodal spacing, aroma, flavour and vigour. It also saves time and space that would otherwise be wasted by separating the plants and removing males from the crop.

They Are Cheaper

In general, regular seeds are cheaper to buy than feminized ones. That is because they tend to produce on average 50% male plants, which growers do not want and will have to weed out.

This is the reason why they are not as popular as feminized ones, which are able to produce 99% female specimens without the need for growers to sex them. Regardless, if you are not interested in breeding your own strains and you just want to enjoy the cannabis that was created by other breeders, then feminized seeds might be the right choice for you.

However, if you are looking for something truly unique and special, we highly recommend choosing the finest quality regular seeds from the Dutch Passion collection. Their selection of the finest cannabis genetics has been put together with many years of experience and provides you with the ultimate choice of phenotypes that are capable of delivering the high you’re looking for.

They Are More Organic

Since regular seeds operate as they should, giving rise to a mixture of male and female plants, they are more in line with the way nature makes cannabis. As such, they remain popular with old school growers who like to keep their cannabis as organic as possible and amongst those that wish to produce their own crosses and hybrids.

Regular seeds also offer a better chance of producing superior-quality clones. Because of the 50% chance they’ll germinate as either a flowering female or a pollen-producing male, regular seeds allow growers to select the best phenotypes for an upcoming breeding project and cultivate a new generation of cannabis.

Dutch Passion maintains a large collection of high-quality regular cannabis strains to give growers access to the finest parental genetics in the world. Their collection features many classics and includes a variety of hybrids, sativa and indica varieties. The Dutch Passion regular seed range is a good choice for anyone looking to breed their own cannabis and create a unique strain with its own morphology, flavour profile or colour.

They Are More Versatile

Regular seeds operate just like nature intended and have a 50% chance of growing up to be male plants, which is useful for breeders as it allows them to create new cultivars. Feminized seeds don’t grow males and are therefore less versatile for cultivators who want to clone.

This is why many experienced growers prefer to use regular seeds and enjoy the process of sexing out their plants, which can take weeks and can be quite taxing on the plant. As a result, they’ll end up with a predominately female crop, which is much easier for them to manage and will avoid the wasted space and nutrients associated with male plants. Plus, they can keep some of their favourite phenotypes as mother plants and take cuttings from them. This allows them to retain the characteristics of the plant they love most, including the flavour, yield and resistance against pests. All of these benefits can help growers to make the most out of their garden and produce high quality buds.

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