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Regular Seed Vs Feminized Seed

regular seed

Regular seeds give rise to both male and female plants. This is how nature made them and is the ideal option for growers who intend to breed their plants. However, it can also mean that you have to dispose of many of the male plants and thus have a limited yield.


For growers who want to breed their own marijuana strains, regular seeds are a good option. They produce a predominately female crop, so you don’t have to worry about male plants popping up and ruining your entire harvest. They also produce a higher quality of flower and are more predictable in their growth pattern than feminized seeds.

Feminized seeds are grown to produce only female plants, removing the need for pollination. This saves time and effort, and can improve the overall yield of your crop. Feminized seeds are also more resistant to pests and other environmental conditions than regular seed varieties. This makes them a better choice for indoor grows. Nonetheless, many growers still prefer to use regular seeds when creating their own cannabis strains.


Cloning is a form of asexual reproduction that occurs in plants, bacteria, fungi, and other organisms. The process of cloning involves cutting a mature plant from its base and then rooting it to produce a new clone. Clones are identical to their mother plants, so they carry all of the same qualities and characteristics.

However, clones may have hidden genetic flaws that can only be revealed during flowering, as well as disease-causing fungus and pests. They also take a longer time to grow, as they must go through the germination and seedling stage before becoming mature.

In addition, clones can be expensive, as growers must pay for the mother plant and nutrients. They can also be difficult to handle, as they can be prone to nutrient burn and stress.


Regular marijuana seeds are simply what mother nature intended them to be. They will grow into either male or female plants, depending on the environmental factors. On average, the ratio of female to male plants is around 50/50.

Breeders need regular cannabis seeds because they allow them to cross different cultivars to produce hermaphrodites with specific traits. This can be anything from an increase in yield to a higher profile of certain cannabinoids or colors.

They also make great clones, as they undergo fewer genetic mutations than their feminized counterparts and are more robust. They’re also easier to grow than feminized seeds, as they do not require the extra steps of identifying and removing male plants. They’re the ideal choice for growers who want to cultivate multiple harvests.

High-yielding plants

Many people grow their own vegetables and fruits in the garden to save money, eat healthier food, or just enjoy the process of growing. Some have limited space, but even small gardens can produce a big harvest. They can do this by using strategies like succession planting and interplanting. They can also choose high-yield crops that grow quickly or are resistant to common diseases and pests.

Agricultural scientists have been working to increase crop yields for years. One major way they do this is by selecting and breeding genetically superior cultivars. These new varieties are called high-yielding plants and can produce more grain for the same amount of labor. These crops are especially important for farmers without a lot of land. They also offer better resistance to natural disasters.


When it comes to buying marijuana seeds, price is a big consideration. Some growers want to buy regular seeds, while others prefer feminized or autoflowering varieties. Ultimately, it depends on the growing environment and your personal preferences.

Feminized seeds can produce only female plants, making them ideal for commercial growers who want to guarantee a high percentage of flowers. However, they are more expensive than regular seeds.

When shopping for marijuana seeds, it’s important to find a seed bank that offers high germination rates and reasonable prices. ILGM, Beaver Seeds, and Crop King Seeds are all reliable seed banks that offer quality seeds at an affordable price. They also provide helpful growing information and a germination guarantee. Their customer service is fast and helpful, and they accept payment methods such as credit card or Interac e-Transfer.

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