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Regular Seed – Why Choose Regular Seed?

regular seed

Unlike feminized seeds, regular seed produces on average about 50% male plants that must be identified and removed before flowering. This can reduce final yield levels.

Many growers choose to work with regular seeds for their wide range of phenotypes. This is a major selling point for expert breeders who want to create their own unique strains.

Unaltered Genetics

Regular seed is a great option for growers who wish to experiment with cultivars and work on breeding projects. This is because they allow you to clone plants that will have the same genetics and phenotype as a specific specimen, allowing you to recreate an exact genetic copy of your favourite strains.

This is why breeders and experienced growers often choose to work with regular sexed seeds, especially when working with older and more stable cultivars that existed before feminized seeds were invented. SSSC’s range of regular seeds are made up of some of the finest original 1980’s classics and will produce equal numbers of male and female offspring.

As with all things cultivation, the decision to choose autoflower, feminized or photoperiod seeds often comes down to growing expectations, space restrictions and cultivation experience. However, it is worth noting that regular seed offers a few key benefits that many consider to be superior to feminized or autoflower options.

High Yields

High-yielding strains deliver 3 – 4x the yield of standard varieties. They are great for commercial growers or home cultivators looking to maximize their harvest.

Many high-yielding marijuana strains are easy to grow, so they’re perfect for beginners. You can expect a generous harvest from sativa-dominant strains like Chocolope, Strawberry Kush or God Bud. These plants produce uplifting euphoria and mouth-watering flavors.

You’ll also find high-yielding strains that are hybrids, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. For example, Strawberry Kush offers a balanced high that isn’t too stoned.

Feminized high-yielding cannabis seeds have been bred to reduce the number of male plants that appear in your crop. They are ideal for indoor growers who want to avoid the possibility of their crop becoming all-male, but can also be grown outdoors in the right climate conditions. This is because they are resistant to cold weather and have a shorter flowering time than photoperiod strains.

Better for Pollination

Regular seeds are perfect for any grower looking to create a strain of their own. They can be used to produce plants with any sex, meaning there is no need to waste time removing male plants or worrying about how much of your growing space could end up being used for nothing but air!

Feminized seeds are often better for first-time growers, but experienced growers looking to take their craft further can also make great use of them. They can be used to produce ‘mothers’ – these are the best female plants in the crop that are then used to create clones, which will have all of the same genetics as their mother plant.

Flowers rely on pollination to reproduce, which happens when pollen from the stamen of a flower (its male reproductive parts) rubs or falls onto the stigma of another flower. This enables the two flowers to fertilize each other, which results in a fruit that later yields seeds. Pollination is a critical part of a healthy ecosystem, and bees are crucial to both ecosystem health and global food production.

Better for Organic Growing

For those who are strictly organic in their approach to gardening, choosing regular seeds is the best way to go. Unlike sprouting seeds that are grown in water or a damp paper towel, regular seed is planted in soil and must mature and complete the life cycle before harvesting. Regular seeds also don’t undergo any genetic modifications that are not compatible with organic growing methods, which is a common practice for other types of seed.

As a result, organically grown plants from these seeds are better suited to withstand disease and pests than their conventional counterparts. If you are interested in growing your own vegetables from organic seed, make sure to select a quality brand of regular photoperiod or autoflowering seeds and use them for your next crop! Then, you can be proud that you’re helping support organic farming! And, you’ll have the highest-quality plants for your future crops. You can’t beat that!

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