Best Regular Seeds

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Regular Seeds

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A lot of cultivators choose regular seeds because they allow for more genetic variation. They also are less prone to hermaphroditism than feminized strains.

To germinate your cannabis seeds, place them on a folded paper towel and add some bottled water. Then place them in a dark area until they sprout and have a healthy taproot.


With regular seeds, growers have the opportunity to produce a crop that is more robust than feminized varieties. This is because regular seeds do not undergo any type of artificial breeding process that stresses the female plants and can cause them to become sterile. This type of seed also offers more genetic variation than feminized seeds, and you can discover new phenotypes by crossing different varieties together.

In addition, growing regular seeds is more cost-effective than feminized varieties. When you plant feminized seeds, you have to spend extra time and energy eliminating male plants or preparing the plants to be crossed with another desired parent. This can result in a waste of water and nutrients that could have been used to produce more buds. With regular seeds, you can avoid this hassle and focus more of your efforts on achieving the ideal yield. This will ensure that you get more for your money.


In some cases, growers want to preserve a strain’s genetic lineage. This can be done using clones or seeds. The advantage of clones is that they are guaranteed to produce female plants and can reduce the cost of cultivation. However, they may have lower yields than plants grown from seeds. This is because clones are often weakened by the stress of being cut and may produce weaker taproots.

Cloning is the process of taking cuttings from a mother plant and placing them in a nutrient-rich growing medium. This is a great way to ensure that your clones are healthy and ready for transplanting when the time comes. The growing medium should also be filled with a rooting hormone to help the clippings establish in your environment faster. It is also recommended that you provide your clones with an 18-hour light cycle to optimize their growth.


Regular seeds are less expensive than feminized varieties, and they have the advantage of offering growers the chance to select robust female plants that will produce high yields. They also have the advantage of requiring sexing, which can be easier than cloning. However, there are some disadvantages to growing regular cannabis plants. For example, they can take longer to harvest than feminized strains.

They also have a 50% chance of spawning male plants, which can be removed manually. This can be time consuming and expensive.

Feminized seeds are a popular choice for growers, as they offer more control over the plant population. They are also useful for breeders who want to create new cultivars. However, many experienced growers prefer to use regular seeds for their own breeding purposes. They provide more genetic variation and allow for the discovery of phenotypes that would be difficult to reproduce with feminized plants.


As one of the most popular marijuana seed categories, regular seeds offer some of the best bang for your buck. However, it’s important to choose a trusted seed bank to avoid scams and other pitfalls. A reputable seed company will keep your money and identity safe when transacting business online.

If you’re an experienced grower, regular seeds can deliver superb crops. They are also the preferred choice for breeders, as they can produce both male and female plants. However, it’s a good idea to separate the males from the females early into flowering to prevent them from fertilizing the buds.

Dutch Passion’s collection of regular cannabis seeds includes classic strains from the 1980s and earlier. These old-school genetics offer powerful effects that are deeply enjoyable. Their sativa cultivars like Amnesia Lemon bring citrus aromas of lemon, orange, and tangerines. Its potent indica traits relax the body and mind with a deep sense of well-being. Their cannabis plants are robust and reliable, with high-yielding harvests.

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