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While many seedbanks only carry feminized seeds, Sensi Seeds continues to produce and stock regular seeds. For those unfamiliar, regular seeds grow into plants that are theoreticlly 50% male and 50% female.

This means that growers will need to identify and get rid of the male plants, or they will end up with fewer buds. This extra work can be an inconvenience, but it is worth it for the benefits regular seeds provide.

Stable Genetics

As the name suggests, regular seeds produce both male and female plants. This means extra care is required to avoid unwanted pollination, which could cut your harvest by 80-90%.

In contrast, feminized seeds are guaranteed to produce only female plants. This saves growers time and money on a massive scale.

To create a feminized strain, breeders first produce a stable mother plant by selecting healthy specimens that display desirable traits. These are then crossed with other healthy strains to produce hybrid offspring. Over a number of generations, this process is repeated until the desired trait has been stabilised. This can be done through back crossing, which essentially fixes the genetics of an existing parent line to ensure that all offspring will express the same desired characteristics. The process is very similar to that used to stabilise human DNA. This ensures that offspring will express certain traits with a high degree of predictability. This enables researchers to work with genetics that may not otherwise be available.

Unaltered Genetics

Choosing the right type of seeds depends on cultivation goals and personal preferences. Many growers prefer the simplicity and predictability of autoflower or feminized seeds, but others want to experiment with breeding and guaranteed rigorous growth. Regular photoperiod cannabis seeds allow for more natural genetics as they haven’t been altered.

Our collection of regular seed contains high-quality, original 1980’s strains. These regular seeds were bred before feminized seed was invented, and produce approximately 50% male and female plants. This is ideal for growers looking to experiment with cross-breeding or back crossing. Since they don’t undergo any chemical or genetic tampering, they retain a stronger likeness to their parents and offer more stability than feminized varieties. They are also cheaper to buy and require less space in your grow tent as you don’t have to waste valuable space culling males. However, they will require a certain amount of time and effort in identification and separation of males from female plants.

Unaltered Cultivars

Using regular seeds gives growers the opportunity to work with the genetics that they want to preserve and cultivate. They can create a cultivar of their own through crossbreeding, retaining the flavour, potency and terpene profiles that they like best.

Theoretically, a batch of regular seeds will produce an even balance between male and female plants. In reality, this isn’t always the case, with some batches producing 50% male plants and others a lower proportion.

This doesn’t mean that growers can’t select a few of the strongest female plants and use them as ‘mothers’ to create clones that will retain their robust characteristics. This is a popular cultivation method that allows growers to reproduce their favourite plant and preserve their genetics.

It also avoids wasting growing space and nutrients by having to remove the male plants. This is an especially valuable asset for those who are working with limited growing spaces or are legally capped at a set number of cannabis plants.


If you’re looking for cheap cannabis seeds, then the selection at Seed City is worth checking out. This online seed bank has a ton of options, including the classic strains and rare varieties. Plus, the site offers a ton of sales and discounts, including BOGO deals.

Herbies Seeds also has a ton of cheap marijuana seeds to choose from. This company has a ton of different options, including high THC and low CBD strains. In addition, Herbies has a ton of mixed seed packs that give you a great deal on quality marijuana seeds.

For example, you can get a pack of 5 Rocket exclusives for just $25. Other options include 5 feminized or photoperiod seeds for $50 and 10 feminized or regular seeds for $75. These options are excellent for any grower. They’re the perfect way to try a lot of different strains and find your favorites. The price of weed seeds can fluctuate depending on supply and demand.

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