Best Regular Seeds

The Advantages of Regular Seeds

regular seeds

Regular seeds have a number of benefits that are not available with feminized seeds. These include less waste of growing space, growing medium and nutrients.

SSSC regular cannabis seeds produce a natural proportion of male and female plants, which is useful for those looking to work with different phenotypes. These seeds can also be used for cloning.


Cannabis breeding is the process of crossing two strains to produce offspring with desirable traits. This is a process that can only be done with regular seeds, and it’s usually performed by experienced cultivators who want to create their own tailored strains.

This process is a lot more complicated than feminized seeds, so it’s best to leave it to professional breeders who have the space and resources to create unique strains that offer exceptional potency and flavour. They can also create clones that root well and grow fast, allowing the grower to skip the germination stage.

To breed your own regular seeds, collect pollen from a male plant and store it in a container or sealable bag. Make sure to filter the pollen and remove any leaves or components from the anther, as this could lead to contamination. Storing the pollen in a freezer will preserve its strength and ensure that it does not spoil.


Clones can be a good choice for beginners who want to grow their own marijuana, but they are not without risk. They may inherit the flaws of their parent plants, such as diseases and pests, that can cause problems in the future. It is important to look for a healthy clone that has no visible disease or signs of mold. The clone should also be a mature plant and not growing too quickly.

The clone should be dipped in a rooting hormone, and placed into a growing medium. The medium can be soil, or rockwool, which is commonly used in hydroponic growth systems. The clone should be watered frequently and fed a balanced nutrient solution. Many growers believe that starting from seed produces healthier, stronger, and more robust plants than clones. Moreover, seeds have a much longer shelf life than clones. Some growers prefer the genetics and taste of a seed strain, and find that feminized seeds are easier to work with than regular seeds.


The most significant advantage of regular seeds is that they operate as nature intended. This means that they have a 50% chance of germinating as either male or female plants. This allows breeders to create new cultivars and offer superior clones to their customers. They are also ideal for experienced growers, who can use the male plants to cross with their females to produce unique strains.

While many growers prefer feminized seeds, regular seeds have their own set of advantages. For instance, they allow the grower to discover new phenotypes that can’t be created through chemically feminizing a parent plant. Moreover, they can also be used for breeding projects that are more complex. They are often less expensive than feminized seeds, making them a great option for novice and experienced growers alike. Regular seeds also have a lower risk of hermaphrodite plants than their feminized counterparts. This is especially true if they are stressed through techniques like topping, fimming, lollypopping, or defoliation.


The price of regular seeds varies from seed bank to seed bank. The best way to find the cheapest seeds is to shop around and compare prices. Also, look for online seed banks that offer discounts during holidays such as 420 and Christmas.

For growers interested in breeding, regular cannabis seeds are ideal. They provide an equal balance of male and female plants, making them the perfect starting point for pheno hunting. In addition, they tend to produce vigorous plants that are less prone to stress during the growing process.

However, if you are new to breeding, you may want to start with feminized seeds. This will eliminate the risk of creating hermaphrodite plants, which are a waste of space and nutrients. However, you should still be aware that some of your plants will fail to germinate or turn out to be males, so it’s important to have a good understanding of plant sexing.

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