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What Is Seed?


Seed is the reproductive part of plants and is the source of most of our food. It is also used in plant breeding and for landscaping.

Seeds come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They contain embryos and stores of food reserves, wrapped in a hard shell called a seed coat. Each seed type has specific germination requirements.

They are the reproductive parts of plants

The seeds of some plants are a major source of food for humans. They provide most of the vegetable oils, many beverages, and some spices that are used in cooking. They also contain proteins essential for human health.

Seeds are formed from a fertilized ovule in a mature flower. This process occurs after specialized diploid cells undergo meiosis to produce gametes, or sperm and eggs. After fertilization, the gametes unite to form a new haploid plant cell called the zygote.

A seed contains a embryo, endosperm, and a seed coat. The embryo is a resting plant cell with one or more cotyledons that will become leaflike after germination. Endosperm is a nutrient tissue composed of starch and oil.

Seeds are often dispersed far from the parent plant. Some seeds have feathery or prickly coverings that allow them to travel in the wind, while others are carried by animals. Eventually, these seeds will land in a new location, where they will grow into young plants.

They are a source of food

Seeds are a source of food that are loaded with healthy fats and minerals. They can be sprinkled over soups, stir-fries and breads or mixed into salad dressing and chia pudding. They provide important nutrients like dietary fiber, heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, phytosterols and vitamin E. They also contain essential plant compounds that reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, Type-2 diabetes and bowel cancer.

They are a perfect fit for omnivores, low-FODMAP diets and vegans, and can be used as a protein substitute in meals and snacks. They are also a convenient way to get ALA omega-3 fatty acids, which promote healthy heart, brain and vascular function. The foods that many people typically refer to as seeds include cereals, legumes, and nuts. A wide variety of vegetable, fruit, and flower seeds are also eaten. These seeds can be found in a wide variety of grocery and health food stores.

They are used in plant breeding

Seeds are the primary means of plant reproduction. They carry the embryo of a new plant in a protective coat and are dispersed by wind, water or animals. This enables plants to expand into new environments and dominate ecosystems. Plant breeders use science to improve seeds to meet farmers’ and consumers’ needs. This involves creating genetic diversity through targeted crosses and selecting for improved characteristics. The improved varieties are then bred to produce more seeds, which can be used for future breeding programs.

The process of seed-saving is used to develop plant varieties with desirable traits, such as increased yield and resilience to disease. This seed is then used to produce certified seed for farmers, which meets specific standards for purity and germination. Other important nonfood uses for seeds include cotton fiber, and oils from linseed, jojoba and crambe. The enzymatic repair of DNA damage that accumulates during seed dormancy appears to be critical for seed viability.

They are used for landscaping

Seeds are used for landscaping because they offer many benefits to the environment, such as erosion control and habitat for wildlife. The seeds are planted with other plants to create a healthy ecosystem. In addition, landscape seed mixes provide food for wildlife and pollinators. ASTA members specialize in supplying native seed for environmental and conservation projects, including fire reclamation.

Seeds that have a hard protective coating need to lay completely dormant for one season before they will germinate. This is called stratification, and it allows water and oxygen to penetrate the hard covering.

Seeds that have been sown without this dormancy will not grow, as they will be quickly destroyed by the summer sun or freezing temperatures of winter. To stratify your seeds, you can use a mix of dry mulch such as straw (not hay, which is often filled with weed seeds), screened compost, or mushroom soil. You can also place the seeds in a container that is slightly damp, such as sawdust or vermiculite.

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