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Regular Seed Vs Feminized Seed

regular seed

Before feminized seeds came onto the market, regular seed was a popular choice. This is because growing regular seeds gives you a natural ratio of female and male plants. However, you will have to dispose of any male plants and isolate the ones that produce pollen sacks.

You can also experiment with regular seeds and create your own strains. For instance, you could cross a variety of specimens that have different terpenes and colours to create your ideal strain.


In contrast to feminized seeds, regular seeds are not genetically modified. They contain both male and female chromosomes, so they will produce both male and female plants. However, the ratio of male to female plants can vary depending on growing conditions. As a result, it is important to identify and remove the males as soon as possible.

This study utilized a QTL mapping approach to estimate genetic (Vg) and environmental variances (Ve). These variances are then used to compare the effects of different alleles on the trait of interest. This method allows for comparisons between phenotypes across individuals in a heterogeneous genetic background.

In addition, this technique identifies genes that influence the natural continuous variation in seed traits. Previously, the only way to characterize these gene effects was through mutant screens. The results from this study demonstrate the importance of evaluating the effect of multiple alleles on traits such as seed size and number. They also support the notion that seed size and number trade-offs are determined by genetic pleiotropy.


The main benefit of growing regular seed is a higher yield than feminized seeds. This is because they produce male and female plants, which can be used to create new strains. Feminized seeds, on the other hand, only produce female plants. This means that growers must remove the male plants early on and be careful not to pollinate their female plants. This can be a difficult task, especially for experienced breeders.

Growers also prefer growing regular seeds because they have a less-risky growing process than feminized seeds. Feminized seeds can become hermaphrodite plants when stressed, which can result in a lower harvest. However, regular seeds do not have this problem because they only produce hermaphrodite plants about 50% of the time.

Tropic Thunder is a perfect example of a high-yielding, regular marijuana strain. It offers fruity tones and mellow vibes that are ideal for a nighttime chillout session. It flowers within ten weeks and can be harvested in October for yields up to 35 oz. This strain is recommended for intermediate to veteran cultivators.


As we all know, regular seeds produce both male and female plants. The ratio of male to female depends on a variety of factors such as the germination conditions and environmental conditions. However, it is safe to say that the chances of getting 10 males out of 10 seeds are very low.

Another advantage of regular seed is their genetic stability. They do not undergo the stress of feminization and are less susceptible to DNA damage during the vegetative phase. This makes them better suited for making mother plants (clones) than feminized seeds.

This can lead to a higher yield, as growers can focus on the most promising plants. It is also easier to make cuttings from regular seeds. Cloning a plant produced by feminized seed is often difficult, as the plants can turn hermaphrodite under stress. However, when using regular seeds, this is rarely a problem. The only problem is that a few seeds may not germinate at all.


Compared to feminized seeds, regular cannabis seeds are cheaper. They also provide a higher yield and have a wider genetic diversity. This makes them the better option for growers who want to create their own strains.

Feminized seeds are better for beginner growers, but there are still advantages to growing regular seeds. For instance, they offer a greater variety of terpenes and high-quality smoke. These are important factors for many consumers.

In addition, regular seeds produce male plants that can pollinate your female crop. To prevent this, you must identify and isolate males from your crop. You can do this by checking for minuscule sprouts that look like hairs. You should also separate your plants from each other early in the flowering phase. This will prevent your male plants from pollinating the rest of your harvest. Moreover, it will help you produce seedless buds. This is especially important if you want to use your weed for cultivation.

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