Best Regular Seeds

Choosing Regular Or Feminized Cannabis Seed

When it comes to cultivating cannabis, the type of seed you choose depends on your growing experience and goals. Depending on the type of strain, you can choose either regular or feminized seeds.

Feminized seeds require sexing to produce only female plants. However, regular seeds have their own advantages.

It’s cheaper

Before feminized seeds, regular cannabis seeds were the only option. Feminized seeds are created when breeders select the best phenotype from their plants and use it to fertilize other female flowers. While this process has its benefits, it also removes the natural selection process. This can cause the clones to be less vigorous, which is why some growers prefer to choose regular seeds for their cultivation needs.

The best part about regular seeds is that they are cheaper than feminized seeds. However, this type of seed requires some experience to cultivate. It’s essential to sift out the males from the females early into the flowering stage to avoid accidental fertilization.

For the most part, sifting out the males and discarding them is the only way to guarantee that your crop will be entirely female. This type of seed is great for new growers who want to save money but still want a high-quality harvest. It’s also the best choice for growers who want to create their own bespoke strains.

It’s better for breeding

Choosing the right seeds for your next grow is an important decision. Feminized strains are popular and have their advantages, but regular seeds are also worth considering. Fortunately, MGS has both in stock!

The genetic stability of regular seed is vital for breeders. It allows them to create new strains by crossing different phenotypes, leading to unique and diverse cannabis varieties. It also means that the original traits of a strain are preserved over multiple generations, making it easier to develop clones.

As a result, many growers choose to cultivate regular seeds because they are cheaper than feminized ones. They also save on growing space and products such as substrate, fertilizers and insecticides. In addition, they don’t have to deal with the hassle of removing male plants. However, some growers prefer feminized seeds because they are more practical and easy to manage.

It’s more stable

Many growers enjoy growing regular seed because it’s a natural way to grow and they can watch the plants develop into mature male and female plants. This means that they can select the best ones to keep and cull the rest, which can lead to a high-quality crop. However, if the grower doesn’t want to deal with male plants or wants to harvest buds in a shorter amount of time, feminized seeds may be a better choice.

Another advantage of regular seed is that it is more stable than feminized seed. This is because feminized seeds are created by stressing female plants, which can cause instability. However, regular seed is produced naturally, so it’s much more stable against environmental stresses. This is especially important for breeders who need to produce new strains with consistent genetics. In addition, regular seed offers more variation in phenotypes, which can result in different tastes, aromas, and effects. These variations can also help to create new strains that offer unique benefits.

It’s better for cloning

When growing clones, it’s best to work with mature plants that have a solid stem and visible leaves. This gives the plant a better chance of producing robust offspring that are ready to grow and flower. This is a much better option than working with seedlings, which can be very fragile. Moreover, clones grown from regular seeds are known to have a longer shelf life than feminized seeds.

With cloning, you can get an exact genetic copy of a plant. This is especially helpful for those who are looking to replicate a certain strain because of its potency, morphology or specific colorations. However, cloning can be tricky and requires a lot of experience to master. This is why many home-growers prefer to use regular seeds. They’re the original seeds, after all, so they have the potential to produce a larger number of male plants than female ones. However, this shouldn’t be a huge problem as long as you have a reliable source of quality clones.

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