Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seed Vs Cloning and Organic Farming

Before feminized seeds became available, growers used regular cannabis seed. These seeds produce male and female plants that must be separated before flowering in order to get smokable buds.

Some gardeners prefer regular seeds because they cost less and they can breed their own strains with them. Consider your experience level, location and purposes when choosing your seeds.


While feminized seeds are increasingly popular, regular seeds still make up a significant portion of the market. They are also favored by genetic purists who prefer to breed plants in order to create specific phenotypes. The breeding process can be complicated, but it is worth the effort for growers looking to maximize their yields.

When regular cannabis seeds are used, there is a 50% chance that they will produce male or female plants. This is the way that nature intended, and it gives breeders the freedom to create new cultivars. Feminized seeds require breeders to spray female plants with a chemical called colloidal silver, which can cause them to produce male pollen sacs.

The process of breeding involves choosing a prime male and female specimens that display the traits that you want to pass on to your offspring. Then, you can cross them to produce seeds with the desired characteristics. This is an ideal way to obtain high-quality marijuana plants that are perfectly adapted to your growing environment.


Cloning is an alternative to growing seeds, but it has its own drawbacks. Many veteran growers believe clones are weaker, less pest resistant and produce smaller yields. This is especially true if the clones come from unreliable sources. Clones also may carry pests or diseases that could affect the entire crop.

Clones also require a different growing medium than seeds. They need a nutrient solution that is rich in magnesium and potassium. These nutrients encourage root growth and improve the quality of the buds. Clones are also more sensitive to temperature variations and need proper ventilation. They are also vulnerable to mold and bacteria, so it’s important to monitor them carefully. Seeds, on the other hand, are heartier and can withstand a variety of temperatures and humidity levels. However, they are more expensive to purchase than clones and have longer growth periods. They also produce male plants, which must be removed quickly to prevent cross-pollination.


Organic farming is a production system that limits the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. It relies on preventative practices such as crop rotation and techniques to build soil organic matter, including the use of cover crops. It also uses natural methods to manage insect and disease pests, such as plowing, weeding, pheromone traps, and habitat for predatory insects.

Organic producers must meet national standards and keep careful records. They must also submit to periodic inspections. These inspections are conducted by an organization that is accredited by the USDA and recognized as an independent third party. In addition, they must not certify non-organic products as organic.

Growing organically can be more expensive than conventional farming. However, it can result in higher yields and a healthier environment. It can also help farmers avoid the dangers of herbicide drift and limit their exposure to toxic chemicals. It can even allow them to enjoy evenings watching monarch butterflies flock to their farm in central Iowa.


The price of regular seeds varies depending on the strain. This is because some varieties have higher THC levels than others and are therefore in high demand. This will also cause the prices of the seeds to be slightly more expensive than other types of seeds.

However, it is worth remembering that feminized seeds can cost more than regular ones because they are more expensive to produce. Feminized seeds are produced by halting the production of ethylene in the plants, causing them to release pollen. This process is more complicated than the regular breeding method and requires more equipment to carry out.

Growers should consider the price of the seeds when choosing which type to buy. They should also take into account the amount of growing space and nutrients that will be wasted during the sexing process. The price of the seeds may be worth it if you are looking for a specific cultivar. For example, Moby Dick regular has a citrusy flavor that tickles the taste buds and invigorates the brain and body.

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