Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seed Vs Feminised Seed

Before feminized seeds existed, growers used regular seed to create their own strains. Regular seeds produce male and female plants, giving the grower full control over sex and the ability to take cuttings.

Amnesia Lemon regular is a true sativa cultivar that delivers bright, citrus flavors and uplifting effects. Its family tree includes Blueberry, which smells like ripe blueberries and delivers relaxing, sleepy effects.


Before feminised seeds became popular, growers would experiment with different regular strains and create their own unique hybrids. This process can be time consuming and difficult, but it is worth the effort if you want to create your own cannabis strains with specific colours, morphologies, or flavour profiles.

Regular seed plants also provide good clones, which are sturdy and easy to grow. They can withstand changes in the growing environment, such as light cycles or sudden droughts, and are more resistant to fungi. They also have higher genetic stability and produce heavier yields for their first harvest.

Regular seeds are essential for breeders, as they produce both male and female flowers. They can be used to pollinate other female plants with male pollen, producing new hybrids and seeds. Feminized seeds cannot do this, as they only contain female chromosomes. This is why growers prefer regular seeds. They have the advantage of allowing them to create new strains with a wide variety of characteristics, including growth pattern, flower formation, aroma, THC/CBD levels, and resistance to pests.


Many plants, such as mosses and liverworts, reproduce asexually and produce clonal offspring. This is called parthenogenesis. Even some animals, such as pigs, can be cloned by taking a small section of their cells and growing it into a new animal.

However, cloning is expensive and time-consuming. Moreover, it can lead to genetic incompatibilities and can cause problems with crossbreeding. This is why most growers prefer regular seeds over clones.

Seeds of Garcinia xanthochymus, a plant that has a thick aril coat, have the unusual capacity to clone themselves. Field tests showed that almost 15% of all seed fragments eaten by rodents germinated and developed into a full-grown plant. This cloning ability may be an adaptive strategy to counteract the negative effects of predation on seed dispersal and seedling establishment. However, this study did not test whether the cloning capability is genetically stable under field conditions. Hence, further investigation is required to assess this aspect.


While feminized seeds produce a 1:1 ratio of male and female plants, regular seeds will yield a mix of both. This makes them better for experienced growers who want to cultivate multiple harvests from a single plant. Regular seeds can also be ‘fused’ with other strains to create new hybrids with improved potency and vigour.

Using the Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) and Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), we investigated farmers’ attitudes towards organic seed use. The results show that a significant proportion of farmers have positive attitude towards the use of organic seed. However, use decreases with increasing farm size and production orientation.

The reasons for the decrease in organic seed use could be attributed to an insufficient supply of suitable cultivars or other factors. Nevertheless, the results suggest that farmers are willing to switch to organic seed in order to maintain their current level of production. This will be important for the future implementation of organic farming and phasing out derogations for non-organic seeds.


Regular marijuana seeds are natural cannabis plants that haven’t been genetically altered. They will grow into either male or female marijuana plants, depending on the environmental conditions they are grown in. This makes them popular with growers looking to start breeding. They can also be a great choice for first-time cultivators, as they allow for mistakes during the cultivation process and will produce a greater number of smokable buds.

Feminized seeds, on the other hand, have been genetically modified to only grow female cannabis plants. This is why they are more expensive.

If you’re looking to save money on your next cultivation project, choose regular marijuana seeds. These seeds are less expensive than feminized varieties and are more forgiving during the growth cycle. They can be more tolerant of changes in photoperiod, watering, and fertilization. They also tend to be hardery and stress-resistant than feminized marijuana plants. On average, a pack of 10 regular seeds will yield 4-6 smokable buds.

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