Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seeds – Why They’re Better Than Feminized Seeds

If you’re interested in breeding your own strains or prefer the natural proportion of male and female plants, regular seeds are the way to go. Unlike feminized seeds, which guarantee a certain ratio of female specimens, regular seeds contain both male and female DNA.

Growing regular seed requires the grower to identify and remove any male plants to prevent pollination of the females. This can be a difficult task for the first-time grower.

Genetic Stability

The process of obtaining viral seed requires extensive characterization to ensure its genetic stability. This includes assessing growth characteristics on the production cell substrate, tissue tropism, genetic markers and viability during storage. It also involves determining the number of passages it has gone through and attenuation properties, if applicable.

Stability is important because it affects the variability and predictability of the phenotypes produced when crossing stable parents. If a strain has been genetically unstable, its offspring may exhibit more phenotypes closer to one parent than the other, leading to inbreeding depression.

In contrast, feminized seeds produce female plants every time, so you don’t have to worry about getting rid of male plants in the short time before pollination. This makes them easier to grow. However, the higher cost of feminized seeds means you’ll have to spend more money to get the same harvest from them as regular ones. This difference in price comes down to the work required to create feminized seeds.


If sexing isn’t an issue and you prefer the traditional method of cultivating marijuana then regular seeds are the way to go. They are also ideal for seasoned growers who enjoy doing their own breeding. The seed collection here at SeedSupreme features many great regular strains and you can use them to create your own custom cultivar.

When grown to full maturity, the plants bred from regular seeds will produce both male and female cannabis plants. The males will then produce pollen sacs that will fertilize the female colas and cause them to grow into new seeds. This is how all cannabis plants reproduce naturally in nature.

A self-sufficient grower can avoid this by waiting until the male plants have matured and removing them before they pollinate their feminized counterparts. This will then leave you with a nice harvest of smokable buds and plenty of seeds for the next crop. This is a good method for experienced growers to explore the full potential of their favorite strains.


Despite all the recent hype surrounding feminized and autoflowering seeds, many growers still prefer regular cannabis seeds. They work pretty much the same way as feminized seeds, but without a light schedule change, so growers get consistent results throughout a growing cycle.

For instance, a normal seed may send players to an extremely diverse setting that includes a desert, badlands, jungle and birch forest biomes right at spawn. This one, in particular, also features a huge lake.

Another cool aesthetic seed is the Jungle Oasis, which features a natural pool and a variety of plants. It’s perfect for those looking to start a new game with plenty of natural scenery.

This one is the first of our honorable mentions, and it showcases an oddly generated savanna village with houses on cliff ledges, colossal underwater caves, and more. It’s a cool seed that’s sure to make for some interesting stories in Minecraft! It is also a great seed for those who love to explore the weird and wonderful world of Minecraft.


Many organic growers struggle to find and use organic seed. This is due to a lack of awareness about the values and benefits that organic seed offers. To address this issue the National Organic Program has worked with organic certifiers to create the Organic Seed Finder, an online resource that helps farmers find vendors and supplies.

When it comes to home gardening, deciding whether or not to choose organic seeds is a personal decision. If you do decide to buy organic seed, it is important to look for labels that indicate that the seeds have not been treated with synthetic chemicals or genetically modified (GMO) organisms. Look for the USDA Organic label and non-GMO Project Verified labels to ensure that you are purchasing organic seeds. Avoid buying any seeds that have been treated with fungicides or other chemicals as these will likely have negative side effects for your garden. Choosing to purchase organic seeds is an excellent way to help protect biodiversity and reduce the need for external inputs, which can contribute to pollution in soil, water, and air.

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