Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seed Vs Feminized Seed

regular seed

Regular seed are the original seeds that emerged naturally in nature. They contain both male and female plants, unlike feminized seed that only produce female plants. This makes them popular among breeders creating new strains.

However, growing regular seed can be more difficult for beginners. You will have to find and identify male plants in your crop, which you can do by checking for minuscule sprouts on the plant’s stem.

They are unaltered

Regular seed has not been chemically treated with feminizing agents such as benzothiadiazole, gibberellic acid, silver thiosulfate, and colloidal silver like feminized seeds. This is an important factor for some growers, who prefer to keep their cultivation as natural as possible.

Regular seeds also have the advantage of phenotype variation, which can offer unique flavors, aromas, and effects. This variation is an exciting addition to cultivation, and allows breeders to explore different genetic combinations.

Aside from their unaltered nature, regular seeds are also more vigorous and more tolerant of stresses. They can be used to take cuttings, which are clones that skip the germination process. Cloning can help growers step up their cultivation game, and it’s easy enough for beginner growers to try with regular seeds. It’s a great way to learn about selective breeding and backcrossing. You can even create your own strain with this method. It’s a fun and rewarding hobby for any cannabis enthusiast!

They are easy to grow

Unlike sprouting seeds, which grow in water or a paper towel, regular seeds are planted into soil and need to be tended throughout the growing season. They are often treated with pesticides and fungicides to protect against diseases, increase their germination rate, and improve their overall growth. However, these chemicals can cause allergic reactions and other health problems in humans, including hepatitis and pancreatic disease.

Another advantage of regular seed is that it can produce male or female plants and can be used to breed new strains. Feminized seeds are a good choice for commercial growers who want to create a stable crop with a specific ratio of female to male plants. However, many cannabis enthusiasts prefer regular seeds for the sake of preserving old-school genetics and to experiment with selective breeding and backcrossing. This allows them to create cultivars with unique terpene profiles, flavours, and highs. They also provide a wide range of growth and harvesting options.

They are easy to breed

Regular seeds are ideal for a beginner grower because they’re easy to maintain and breed. They also produce quality clones that are durable and ready to be used as mother plants for future generations of marijuana plants. This method of breeding is more natural and sustainable than feminized seeds, which have taken over the cannabis world in recent years.

A gardener can create their own strains using regular seeds by crossing them with a different phenotype to produce hybrids that are unique and full of potency. This process requires isolating male plants from females early on during flowering and applying pollen to specific hermaphrodite plants to initiate fertilization. The resulting seeds can then be harvested and used to produce more marijuana plants. This is a popular method of creating a new strain that produces the desired terpenes, effects, and flowers that one loves. However, this technique is not recommended for the average home grower. It can be too time consuming and risky.

They are easy to find

Before feminized seeds became popular, growers used regular marijuana seed to cultivate their plants. These seeds produce male and female cannabis plants, but it’s up to the grower to determine which sex each plant will be.

A predominately female crop will make it easier to manage and improve its quality. It also means that growers don’t have to worry about male plants pollinating their crops.

Tropic Thunder regular is an indica strain with fruity flavors and mellow effects. The high from this tropical hybrid soothes the mind and body, while it also lifts moods and relieves stress. This strain is better suited to experienced cultivators because it grows tall and requires some training. But its fruity notes and mellow effects will make it the perfect afternoon to sit back and relax. Its citrusy sweetness and nutty hints are reminiscent of a tropical cocktail. It produces thick yields that can weigh up to 35 oz. This strain is a great choice for veteran growers and casual smokers.

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