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Review of Herbies Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds contain soluble and insoluble fibre, which helps with digestion. They also help to reduce the risk of heart disease by promoting good blood flow.

When the white root tip emerges, move your seed to a growing medium. It is important to remember that this delicate stage is not a time for interference.


Herbies is a cannabis seed company that started out as a head shop in the UK. They later moved to Alicante, Spain, which allows them to offer their products to a much wider market. According to a review on 420magazine, the company has a good reputation and offers high-quality seeds at an affordable price.

The company also offers a variety of payment methods and a shipping calculator. They also provide detailed information about each strain, including its characteristics and how to grow it. They also ensure that their seeds are stored in dry locations and shipped in damage-resistant packaging.

Herbies USA Express offers a top-notch selection of regular or feminized seeds, photoperiod or autoflowering varieties, and THC or CBD strains. They have partnered with some of Europe’s most famous breeders, including Barney’s Farm, Fast Buds, and Blimburn Seeds. They offer a 70% germination guarantee and a beginner-friendly website. They even have a great return policy to make shopping easier.

Crop King Seeds

They have a variety of strains that are well-known for their potency and high quality. They also have a great customer support team that is available to assist customers 24/7. They are also very reputable and offer a germination guarantee on all of their seeds.

Crop King Seeds is a cannabis seed company that subscribes to the “quality over quantity” philosophy. Their selection is small, but each strain they offer has been meticulously and carefully engineered. They are a breeder, rather than a store that resells strains from many different seed banks.

They have a germination guarantee of 80%, which is much better than the industry standard. This is a sign that they are serious about their business and will do whatever it takes to make sure their customers are happy. They also have a blog that covers a wide range of topics, from growing basics to more entertaining lifestyle content. They are one of the most popular cannabis seed companies on the market.


From the icy tips of the Kush Mountains to the sun-trapped valleys of California, Seedsman’s selection of cannabis strains represents some of the best in contemporary genetic genealogy. Their high THC strains like Critical Kush are easy to cultivate and have powerful effects, while their more balanced hybrids such as California Orange and White Widow can soothe stress and anxiety.

Seedsman is based in Barcelona, Spain and offers worldwide delivery of its seeds. Its website is a treasure trove of more than 4,000 strains from reputable breeders and its own house brand, including many autoflower varieties. The site also features a slew of deals and discounts.

Buying seeds from Seedsman is easy and secure. You can use a credit card, money order or bank transfer to pay for your purchase. All payments are securely encrypted and your name will not appear on your banking or credit card statement. The company also accepts Bitcoin, which is anonymous and convenient.

Ministry of Cannabis

Ministry of Cannabis is one of the most popular seed companies on the market, and with good reason. Their customer service is first-class, and they are always ready to answer any questions you might have. They also offer a variety of payment options, including credit card and bitcoin.

Their main goal is to keep classic strains like White Widow available in viable female form in perpetuity, but they are also creating and developing new strains for the marketplace. This unique approach enables them to understand what their audience is looking for and to produce seeds that are sure to please.

While Ministry of Cannabis doesn’t have a special promotions page, they do often feature free seed giveaways and discounts on their social media pages. These offers are great for new and regular customers who want to try out new strains or provide feedback on them. They also take part in many different marijuana-related events around the world, which gives them a chance to meet their audience face-to-face.

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