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Benefits of Cannabis Seed

cannabis seed

Many growers keep seeds from strains that they really enjoy. The seeds are encased in a protective shell and can last years before they begin to break down.

When ready to plant, the seeds can be soaked in water for two days. After that, they can be planted in soil or a growing medium.

Health Benefits

A lot of growers, both experienced and inexperienced, hold onto cannabis seeds that they got from a strain they really enjoyed in the past. They may have a hard time germinating those old seeds, especially if they have been stored improperly.

A simple way to revive them is by soaking them in water. This process can help them to soften their shell, making it easier for the seed to sprout.

They also contain a variety of essential nutrients, including proteins and fats. These fats are very important in boosting the immune system and helping it function properly.

Hemp seeds are a great source of Omega-3 and Omega-6, which are essential fatty acids. They are also an excellent protein source, which makes them ideal for those who want to gain weight. They are also a good snack for athletes as they provide high amounts of energy and are easy to digest. They have a nice, nutty flavor and can be added to most meals.

Weight Management

Cannabis seeds are loaded with omegas – the good fats that give us energy and help us maintain our ideal weight. The seeds also contain soluble fiber, which helps improve digestion and prevents constipation by attracting water into the stool.

Hemp seeds (also known as hemp hearts) are becoming more popular as a health food, both in their shelled form and as an oil extracted from them for use in making CBD products that won’t get you high. Hemp seeds also have a light, nutty flavor and are high in protein.

Although feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds have become quite popular, Sensi Seeds continues to carry regular photo-periodic cannabis seeds, too. In fact, it is one of the oldest cannabis seedbanks in Europe to still do so.

Premenstrual Syndrome

Cannabis seed contains fatty acids that can help alleviate PMS symptoms such as headaches. The terpenes b-pinene and linalool can also improve mood during the menstrual period. Additionally, cannabis seeds contain amino acids such as arginine that can enhance blood flow and maintain the optimal blood pressure in the body.

Cyclic changes in hormones are known to cause symptoms such as pain, fatigue, irritability, food cravings and sleep problems. Early research suggests that the ECS and phytocannabinoids might help mitigate these symptoms.

In one study, women who habitually used cannabis reported fewer symptoms of PMS. Another study found that cannabis-based products were effective in reducing abdominal pain associated with dysmenorrhea, the most common form of period cramps. The cannabinoid THC is an effective muscle relaxant and could ease the contractions that cause the pain. The endocannabinoids in cannabis may also reduce the levels of serotonin that can contribute to the symptoms of depression and fatigue.

Heart Disease

While the seeds come from the cannabis plant and can be used as a nut substitute, they don’t contain any tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Rather, these brown seeds are consumed for their rich nutritional benefits. These include a good amount of protein, fatty acids, and antioxidants.

Hemp seed consumption is not recommended for people with low blood pressure. This is because the seeds can lower your blood pressure to a dangerously low level which could spell trouble in an operating room where you need to be alert. It is also advisable to avoid the seeds while taking diuretics or medications that slow down blood clotting.

When purchasing a batch of hemp seeds, be sure to buy only the traditional variety. Feminized and autoflowering seeds are relatively recent developments that have been marketed as superior to traditional seeds. However, traditional seeds offer more possibilities for growers to experiment with and have a wider range of benefits. The germination of these seeds depends on a variety of factors including moisture and temperature and regular checking.

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