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Regular Cannabis Seeds

regular seed

As their name implies, regular cannabis seeds produce a mixture of male and female plants with an even 50-50 split. This is how nature designed them, and it makes them popular among breeders who create new strains.

But growing them involves a lot of labor to remove male plants early in the flowering-phase. This process is impractical for novice growers and can result in wasted water, nutrients, and growing medium.

They are easy to grow

Regular seeds are easy to grow if you have enough space for them. They should produce a ratio of 4-6 female plants for every 10 germinated seeds, but this can vary depending on luck and environmental conditions. You can also save on substrate, water and products such as insecticides and fertilisers by growing only female plants.

If you are interested in breeding marijuana, regular seeds are the preferred choice of experienced breeders. They are genetically more diverse than feminized seeds, and they offer a wide range of possibilities for creating unique strains. In addition, they are more stable than feminized seeds.

Regular seeds are more natural than feminized seeds and require a bit more work from the grower. They also take longer to flower than feminized seeds, but the extra effort pays off in higher yields and superior flavor. They are ideal for those who enjoy producing their own seed stock and want to experiment with different phenotypes.

They are cheaper

Regular seeds are cheaper than feminized seed, but there is more to consider before choosing them. For example, they have a 50% chance of turning into male plants, which need to be culled before they flower. Some growers prefer to use a mix of both regular and feminized seeds in their crop, ensuring that they have a good ratio of females to males.

Feminized seeds can be more expensive, but they have the advantage of a 100% guarantee that all of them will turn into flowering females. This can save you a lot of time and money, since it’s a much easier process to get high-quality buds from a 100% feminized plant.

Amnesia Lemon regular has all the traits of a top-quality sativa cultivar, from the uplifting citrus aroma to its energizing effects. It’s a great choice for those looking to expand their cannabis experience. Its flavor profile includes lemon, orange, tangerines, and grapefruit, along with some vanilla notes.

They are easier to breed

Regular seeds produce male and female plants, which means they are a lot easier to breed than feminized seed. This makes them ideal for the experienced grower who wants to cultivate a unique strain or create their own hybrids. It is also possible to select a particular phenotype that is worth keeping in the grow room, and take clones to preserve it.

Failing to eliminate male plants in a cannabis crop can reduce yields and quality, as male plants consume more water and nutrients than females. This is why many growers use CS and STS to prevent the production of male pollen from their marijuana plants.

By choosing the right phenotype, you can create a new breed of marijuana with desirable traits like high THC levels, distinctive aromas, and unique flavor profiles. This process can be fun and rewarding for any marijuana enthusiast. But, it’s important to remember that breeding is a time-consuming process that requires patience.

They are more stable

Many growers prefer regular seeds for their ability to breed and create new strains. They also offer more stable plant genetics than feminized seeds, as they have not been altered in any way. This is especially important for landrace cultivars, which have remained unaltered for millennia.

Regular seeds are also a good choice for those who want to work with pheno hunters and select the best plants for a clone garden. This requires more time and effort, but the results are worth it. The best phenos are selected based on height, structure, internodal spacing, aroma, and more. This method allows growers to maximize the use of their hydro system, growing medium, and lighting.

As a general rule, regular seeds produce 50% male and female plants, but this ratio can vary depending on growing conditions and stress levels. Therefore, it is best to always buy a few extra seeds than the number of plants you plan on growing, so that you have enough males to cull.

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