Best Regular Seeds

The Benefits of Regular Seed

Regular seeds produce a mixture of male and female cannabis plants, so it takes a lot more work to identify them early on and remove the males. This method may not be ideal for new growers, as it can result in wasted time and a reduced yield.

However, it can be an excellent way to discover phenotypes. Many great strains got left behind in the feminized-seed boom, and some of them are worth exploring.

They are cheaper

Regular seeds grow into male or female plants, allowing you to cultivate smokable buds and create new strains. These seeds are cheaper than feminized or auto-flowering cannabis seeds, but they do require a little more effort to grow.

The germination rate of regular seeds can be lower than other types of seed. It is important to provide your seeds with the right amount of water and nutrients until they start to sprout. This will ensure that they are healthy and strong enough to produce a high yield of smokable buds.

At Seed Supreme, we offer a large selection of regular marijuana seeds. We also sell many of our own strains in this format. You can filter our seed options by symptoms, such as stress or pain, to find the perfect cultivar for your needs. We also have a USA tab that filters your seed options by state. This makes it easy to choose the best weed seeds for your specific environment and grow location.

They are more stable

Regular seeds give growers the opportunity to experiment with a variety of strains. They have a 50/50 chance of producing male plants, which are useful for breeding purposes. Male plants produce pollen, which can be used to fertilize female cannabis plants and create new strains. They also tend to be stronger than female plants, making them an ideal choice for growing marijuana.

In addition to allowing growers to create their own strains, regular seeds offer a number of other benefits. They are easier to grow, and their genetics are more stable than feminized seed. They are also less susceptible to hermaphrodites, and they are more durable and adaptable than their feminized counterparts.

Although feminized seeds are popular amongst modern cultivators, they come with their own set of problems. Feminized crops require more space and can lead to unfavorable results, such as a poor quality of the buds. This is a problem that can be avoided by properly sexing the plants early into flowering.

They are easier to grow

Regular seeds are easier to grow than feminized ones. This is because they don’t undergo genetic modification and thus have a higher level of stability. They are often used by growers for cross-breeding new strains as they retain a higher quantity and quality of aromatic terpenes. They are also ideal for mother plants, as they have a tendency to be heartier and stronger than feminized varieties.

However, the main drawback of regular seeds is that they don’t guarantee a specific ratio of female and male plants. This means that growers have to plant twice as many seeds and must remove the males if they want a full harvest.

This is a problem for a commercial grower, as they need to get a high yield of female plants in order to make money from their crop. In addition, the risk of accidental fertilization can also reduce the yield and overall potency of the harvest. It is a good idea to germinate a few regular seeds along with your feminized crops to avoid this issue.

They are more resistant to pests

Regular seed is a great choice for growers who want to breed their own strains. They produce a mix of male and female plants, allowing you to create new strains with specific characteristics, such as high THC levels or unique flavor profiles. This is also a great option for new growers, as it allows them to gain experience with the cultivation process before moving on to other types of seeds.

Regular seeds also offer resistance against pests and diseases. They can be treated with fungicides and pesticides, which help protect against soil-borne diseases. These chemicals, however, have side effects and can damage the plant’s physiology. Another way to increase resistance against pests is by using morphological traits, such as thick cell walls and plant tissue, surface wax, spines and trichomes. These features can prevent insect penetration and oviposition. They can also deter insect growth, movement and feeding. This type of resistance is also more effective than chemical treatments.

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