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Cannabis seeds are rich in proteins, healthy fats and vitamins. They also contain gamma-linoleic acid, which helps prevent the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and menopause.

It’s important to choose a cannabis seed bank with a high germination rate. ILGM, Beaver Seeds and Crop King are three great options. They all have a germination guarantee and offer a wide selection of strains.

White Widow

Drenched in white crystal resin, this classic cultivar has earned itself a reputation as one of the most potent strains around. It has a high THC content of over 25% and delivers head turning effects to smokers.

This variety has a short flowering time and produces hard buds that are laced with white crystal resin. It is suitable for growers of all levels, displaying excellent hybrid vigour in the grow room. It can also be cultivated outdoors in warm climates, although this requires extra care and attention to detail to ensure its survival.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that delivers an uplifting and balanced high. Its unique terpene profile and fruity flavors have made it a favorite for many growers and consumers alike.

This strain requires moderate growing conditions and can be grown indoors or outdoors. Its tolerance to mold and mildew means that it is resistant to these common plant diseases. It also grows well in soil that is rich in nutrients and has a slightly acidic pH. It can benefit from foliar feeding with trichoderma and mycorrhizal fungi to prevent fungal attacks.

OG Kush

One of the most famous strains in the cannabis world, OG Kush packs an intense punch of happiness. A slightly sativa dominant hybrid (55% sativa, 45% indica), this weed delivers a euphoric cerebral experience that cultivates communication and creativity before lulling users into a deep sense of calm and relaxation.

OG Kush thrives in warm climates, and grows best when using hydroponics indoors. It is also susceptible to mildew, so regular pruning and trimming of taller branches will help keep plants healthy and promote good aeration. This will also help increase yields.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a pure sativa strain with strong mood-boosting effects. It’s been a popular choice for people looking to stay productive and focused during the day, and it can also encourage bursts of creativity in artistic pursuits.

This strain is known for its sweet aromas of citrus and pine with hints of spice. Its buds are typically spade-shaped with a grassy almost “hay” taste that’s perfectly cured. Durban Poison is easy to grow indoors or outdoors and can be harvested after around 9 weeks of 12/12 indoor flowering.

Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is known for its intense calming effects, which soothe both mind and body. Large doses can induce sleepiness while also alleviating pain, nausea and insomnia. This strain is also a great appetite stimulant, which can help those suffering from loss of appetite due to chronic illness or chemo treatment.

This strain is 100% indica and originates from the mountainous region that spans 500 miles between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The harsh conditions of this homeland have conditioned the plants to produce thick coats of crystal trichomes that protect them from the elements. This makes this weed very easy to grow, both indoors and outdoors.

Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush plants grow with a special vigor even for novice gardeners and can be cultivated in almost any environment. This is due to the strain’s natural resiliency against harsh weather conditions and temperature variations. Standard trimming techniques and specific growing methods can boost the plant’s yields.

The terpenes myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene give the aroma of this weed its complex, earthy, herbal spicy flavor that is hard to describe. This potent indica brings a sense of calm to users, helping them deal with stress and anxiety. This strain also helps people with insomnia sleep better at night.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a strain that’s well-known throughout the cannabis community. This indica is a certified painkiller and mood enhancer, with a slight touch of sativa to keep things interesting.

This plant’s aroma is earthy and piney, reminiscent of camping out under the stars in a luscious forest. Its flavor is smooth and pleasant, with a subtle blend of sweetness and tart lemon.

This feminized strain grows easily, with a high yield and resistance to many threats. Indoor growers should keep an eye on it for mold, however, as it’s susceptible to this condition.

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