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How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

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Cannabis seeds are high in healthy fats, protein, Vitamin A and iron. Try adding them to your favorite smoothie recipes for a nutritional boost.

When given the right conditions, seeds will sprout (emerge from their shell) and grow. They develop roots down and cotyledons upward to help them absorb nutrients from the surrounding soil.

How to Germinate Seeds

Germinating seeds is a crucial step in the cultivation process. It ensures that your seeds are healthy and ready to begin growing into seedlings. It also ensures that you have enough plant material for your garden.

There are a few different methods for germinating cannabis seeds. One popular method is to place the seeds on a wet paper towel. This is a common practice among horticulturists, and it is an easy way to sprout seeds. However, be careful when removing the seeds from the paper towel, as they are fragile at this stage. Use tweezers to avoid damage.

Another option is to simply water the seeds. Make sure that you only water the seeds until they are fully saturated. Do not oversaturate the seeds or the germination medium, as this can cause them to rot. When planting the seeds, be sure to point the white root downwards into the germination medium. This will prevent the seed from having to reorient itself after it is planted.

How to Store Seeds

It’s best to store seeds in a dry and dark location for as long as possible. Seeds are very light sensitive and the slightest exposure to sunlight or temperature changes can cause them to start germinating. This will use up their stored nutrients and can ultimately lead to them wilting and dying.

A good place to store seeds is in a refrigerator. These fridges typically are pretty dark and dry but it’s important that you keep the door closed and don’t open it often. Opening the door and shutting it again can cause dramatic temperature shifts which could potentially harm the seeds.

If you don’t have a special no-frost fridge, a dark and dry drawer of a kitchen cupboard or even a plastic Ziplock bag will work. Just be sure to include a desiccant, like those little packets of silica gel that come in many products or uncooked rice kernels, to help maintain moisture levels and absorb ethylene.

How to Test Seeds

Despite their differences in size and shape, healthy cannabis seeds display a general body type—round at one end and tapered at the other. Seeds that do not adhere to this recognizable shape may have undergone genetic flaws that could affect their germination and cultivating success. Thankfully, a simple water float test can help you distinguish good seeds from bad.

To perform the float test, simply place your seeds in a glass of lukewarm water. Those that sink will have taken in the water and are therefore healthier and more likely to sprout. On the other hand, if a seed floats above the surface of the water, it has not taken in any nutrients and is therefore of poorer quality. To confirm this, squeeze a few of the seeds between your index finger and thumb; if they feel soft or crack under pressure, they are not of high quality and should be discarded. They are also less likely to germinate and will have a lower chance of surviving.

Where to Buy Seeds

There are hundreds of seed banks online, but you need to be sure you’re dealing with a reputable one. Look for a high germination rate and guaranteed shipping. Also, look for a company that offers grow guides and troubleshooting tips.

If you’re looking for a seed bank that sells only high-quality seeds, try ILGM. They have great reviews and a large variety of strains. They even offer free US-based shipping and a germination guarantee.

Another great option is MSNL. They have a large selection of popular strains, and their website features an entertaining quiz that helps you find the best seeds for your needs. They also offer free shipping and 10% off on Bitcoin orders. This is a great choice for beginners who want to get started growing cannabis. They offer many different strains, including ones that thrive in warm and cold climates. You can also buy them in bulk for a discount.

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