Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seed Vs Feminized Seed

Regular seed is a popular choice for experienced growers and breeders. They produce a mix of male and female plants, and require more work to weed out the males to get a harvest of bud-capable plants.

Growers who prefer regular seeds are often dedicated to breeding, or enjoy old school strains that cannot be feminized. Dutch Passion has a large collection of regular seed varieties, including legends such as Skunk #1.


Regular seeds give growers the opportunity to cross and produce strains with their own unique characteristics. They are prized for their ability to create hybrids through the process of crossing, or pollinating, two different parent plants. This can create new cultivars with desirable traits, such as high THC content or resistance to pests and diseases.

For the discerning gardener, producing their own marijuana seeds is one of the most fun aspects of cultivation. With feminized seed, however, this is no longer possible. Regular seeds are essential for breeding because they will grow male plants that can be separated from the females and used to produce their own seeds.

Many experienced breeders still choose to work with regular seeds. It allows them to explore the full range of cannabis genetics and create the strains they have always dreamed of growing. Dutch Passion’s collection of regular seeds features some of the most legendary classics that are perfect for experimentation.

Indoor vs Outdoor

Some growers prefer regular seeds as they allow you to breed your plants and create new strains. However, they can have male plants that need to be culls which reduces the overall yield. This can be problematic for indoor grows as you may need to remove half of your plant population to achieve your desired results, especially if you’re growing high THC sativas and hybrids at mediterranean latitudes where the flowering period will be cut short by early frosts.

However, if you are experienced with sexing plants and don’t mind the extra effort involved in carefully monitoring for hermaphrodite development, then regular seed can be a great choice for your garden. They tend to be more resilient and tolerate stressors better than feminized seeds as well. Just make sure you have plenty of space in your indoor grow area and keep an eye on the moisture level to avoid oxidation, which can be detrimental to your plants.


Although they only account for 2-3% of seed sales, regular seeds are still very popular among serious growers and professional breeders. Their genetics retain more of their natural characteristics and produce both male and female plants. This is invaluable for cannabis breeders who need both of these to create new strains.

The amount of time, money, and labor it takes to make stable feminized and autoflowering seeds also drives up the price of regular seeds. This is why a lot of budget-conscious growers choose to buy cheap regular marijuana seeds.

ILGM has a great selection of regular seeds including Dutch Passion’s legendary collection of old school classics like White Widow, Orange Bud, Mazar, Blueberry, and Power Plant. For those who want a mellow indica high with fruity tones and tropical vibes check out Tropic Thunder regular. This sativa grows tall and requires an experienced cultivator, but produces thick yields of up to 35 oz. during the ten week flowering period.


Feminized seeds offer many advantages to the grower, but they have one major flaw: genetic instability. They have undergone significant genetic tampering, and that causes them to produce inconsistent offspring. That’s why feminized plants are so challenging to clone.

Stable seeds, on the other hand, don’t undergo the same tampering, so they produce robust descendants that are consistent with their parents. That’s why cloning from regular seeds is so much easier and more reliable.

For those who want to experience the full potential of a strain, regular seeds are the way to go. They also provide the opportunity to create new phenotypes that may not be available in feminized seeds. And for some, that’s enough to justify the extra effort needed to cultivate them. If you’re not convinced, try a few of our classics like Chemdawg or Stardawg. They’ll prove that stable seed is worth the extra work!

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