Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seeds – Benefits For Growers and Breeders

Regular seeds offer many benefits for growers and breeders. They provide genetic stability and the potential for phenotype variation.

They also require sexing to identify and remove male plants, which can be difficult for new growers. However, with practice, sexing will become easier and more intuitive.

If you’re looking for an experience that offers a challenge and rewards, regular seeds are worth considering.

They Preserve the Genetic Stability of the Plant

Regular seeds are great for breeders and experienced growers. They can produce both male and female plants and are typically less expensive than feminized seeds. Additionally, regular seeds offer breeding potential, allowing you to create your own strains with unique traits.

However, feminized seeds are still a good option for some growers. Feminized seeds are created by reversing the process of pollination to generate hermaphrodites that lack male chromosomes. This process is not as natural as regular seed production, but it produces high-quality hermaphrodites that have the potential to produce strong phenotypes.

Another advantage of feminized seeds is that they can save you time and effort by producing only female plants. This can help you increase your overall yield and improve the potency of your buds. It can also reduce the amount of growing space and nutrients that are wasted on male plants. This can be especially helpful for growers who are short on space.

They Offer Breeding Potential

For growers who are interested in crossing new genetics, regular seeds offer the best option. The process involves taking male plants and exposing them to pollen from a female plant. This will produce regular seedlings that carry the characteristics of their parents.

This is the preferred method of cannabis breeding by many growers because it allows them to select for specific traits such as aroma, terpene profile, yield, and resistance to pests. Regular seeds also provide a more natural growing experience since they do not undergo the stress that feminized seeds are subjected to.

However, the downside of using regular seeds is that half of your plants will be male and will need to be weeded out. This can be a time-consuming task that can reduce your overall yield. It is therefore important to plan your crop carefully. If you do not have the time to cull a lot of male plants, then feminized or autoflowering seeds may be a better choice for you.

They Have the Potential to Produce High-Quality Flower Buds

Regular seeds offer the opportunity to cultivate cannabis plants as mother nature intended. This is particularly important for growers who are passionate about preserving wild growing cannabis cultivars that have yet to make it into the feminized market. Traditionally, breeders acquire clones from male and female cannabis plants and then use an unpleasant-sounding process of self rodelization or colloidal silver to force the plant to grow only its sex.

This can result in high-quality, unadulterated bud. However, hermaphrodite plants do still appear from time to time in the crop, if there are not adequate precautions taken.

While hermaphroditism does pose a challenge to the overall quality of the harvest, resourceful growers can address it by inspecting their plants regularly and quickly reacting to any signs of male flowers (which typically appear as small, round, yellow buds at the nodes) before they release pollen. Doing so will allow growers to achieve a consistent and predictable yield.

They Are Easy to Grow Indoors

Regular seeds are considered easier to grow by some seasoned cultivators. They take longer to produce flowers, and require more care as compared to their feminized counterparts. But once you’ve mastered the growing process, you can achieve great results from these strains.

For instance, the OG Kush variety has a reputation for high THC levels that reach up to 29% and luscious flavor profiles. This is a perfect choice for anyone who wants a strong, long-lasting buzz.

Another option is the Bruce Banner cultivar that has a THC content of up to 25% and provides an intense euphoric experience. These are just a few examples of some of the best regular seed varieties for indoor growers. The Crop King cannabis seeds selection features a wide range of other options, including fast-flowering varieties that are a good fit for the short growing season. The catalogue even allows users to filter their searches based on plant sex, flowering times, entourage effects, and strength.

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