Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seeds – Why They’re Better Than Feminized Ones

The best part about regular seeds is that they work the way nature intended. They have a 50% chance of germinating into either a male or female cannabis plant. They’re also ideal for breeders who want to create new cultivars.

But feminized seeds are also on the market, and they are undistinguishable from regular ones. So what are the pros and cons of each?

They are cheaper

While feminized seeds have advantages, regular seeds can be a good choice for experienced growers. They can provide a higher quality product and open up opportunities for breeding new strains. Regular seeds can be used to produce clones, which can retain the genetics of the parent plant and preserve a variety of phenotypes.

In addition, regular seeds are cheaper than feminized seeds, and the cost of growing can be reduced by using fewer plants. This can save on substrate, fertilizers, and other products. Feminized seeds also have a greater risk of hermaphroditism, which can affect yield and quality. However, hermaphroditic plants can be eliminated by sexing plants during the pre-flowering stage. Proper environmental conditions are also important for the growth of regular cannabis plants. This includes a temperature, humidity, and light cycle that is suitable for the specific strain. Additionally, a proper nutrient regime is necessary for healthy and productive plants.

They are easier to grow

Regular seeds are a good choice for growers who want to learn about the differences between sexes and experiment with crossbreeding. Since they contain both male and female genetics, they require a culling process to remove the male plants, but they also offer greater genetic stability for breeding purposes.

However, growers must be cautious with their plantings, as regular seeds have a slight chance of producing hermaphrodites (plants that possess both male and female reproductive organs). This can lead to unwanted pollination, which can lower the quality of the crop. Fortunately, hermaphrodites can be easily identified and removed with proper observation and knowledge.

In addition, regular seeds are often hardier than feminized seeds, making them more forgiving in terms of changes to the growing environment. They can withstand sudden photoperiod shifts, lack of water and excessive fertilization. They can also be used as mother plants for taking cuttings or clones. This allows the grower to select the phenotypes that they like and keep them in vegetative state.

They are more stable

Regular seeds are more stable than feminized ones, since they have both male and female specimens in their genetic information (XX x XY). In contrast, feminized seeds contain only female chromosomes. Growers achieve feminization by using chemicals like colloidal silver to induce stress in a female plant, which causes it to release pollen and fertilize itself.

Feminized seeds are more expensive, but some growers choose them because they allow them to breed their own strains and avoid the hassle of culling male plants. However, hermaphroditism can occur in feminized plants, and it’s harder to control than in regular seeds.

To germinate a regular seed, you should place it in a damp paper towel or cloth and put it in a warm dark spot. Then, you should leave it for about 120 hours or until the seed sprouts a taproot. It should then be planted in a pot and watered regularly. You should also keep it in a dark location to prevent it from growing moldy.

They are good for breeding

Regular seeds allow breeders to create new cultivars by combining different strains. They do this by collecting male plants and using their pollen to produce females. They are also more stable than feminized seeds, and they work well with hermaphrodites.

Regular seed plants have a 50% chance of growing up to be male or female. This allows breeders to create a large selection of phenotypes. They can then select the best ones and use them as parents for future generations.

Growers who choose to work with regular seeds can find that they are much easier to manage. They don’t have to worry about male plants contaminating their crop, and they can focus on managing a more consistent harvest. They can even grow their own seed banks to ensure that they always have enough seeds for a new project. This can be a great way to discover new and exciting phenotypes that have not yet been made into feminized seeds.

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