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What is Cannabis Seed?

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During the first few weeks of development, your seedlings require very little interference. Only a few adjustments in nutrient levels and strict lighting routines are needed.

For your first grows, choose photoperiod seeds. These produce female plants that generate the bodacious buds that marijuana connoisseurs crave. They’re also easy to grow.


Cannabis seeds come in a wide range of varieties, with a multitude of options to fit everyone’s tastes. They are classified by the type of cannabis strain they produce, their germination time and photoperiod dependency, and their THC and CBD levels.

Seed banks are constantly hybridizing strains to improve their characteristics, shorten sativas’ flowering period or grant indicas exotic flavors and aromas. This leads to a huge number of phenotypes, each with their own unique properties and growing conditions to be respected.

If you are a beginner and want to grow with maximum ease, opt for regular seeds. These have an optimum yield/life cycle ratio and grow quickly. You can also try out autoflowering seeds, which are a great choice for growers who value speed. These seeds are derived from Ruderalis plants, which allow them to flower as they grow without the need for a specific photoperiod. These plants take a little longer to reach maturity but make up for it in their ability to produce large harvests with minimal space and effort.


It is not easy to pinpoint the exact origins of cannabis seed. However, it is believed to have first been cultivated in Asia. Evidence of this can be found in Chinese writings dating back to 2737 BCE where it was referred to as a medicinal herb. Later, it was also used by the Hindus who attributed the plant with many curative properties.

Historians such as Herodotus, who authored the fifth-century BCE book The Histories, reported that nomadic Scythians would make tents out of hemp to smoke and inhale its vapors. This is supported by carbonized seeds found in urns unearthed at a 2400-year-old burial site in Central Asia.

In his pharmacopeia, the Greek physician Dioscorides stated that a decoction of cannabis roots could alleviate arthritis and gout. Around the same time, Haydar, a devout shaikh in Khorasan, is traditionally credited with serendipitously discovering the euphoriant effects of cannabis and sharing this information with his followers.


Cannabis seeds are created when female marijuana plants are pollinated by male plants. They do not contain any of the psychoactive principals or medicinal properties that are found in the buds of a marijuana plant. Cannabis seeds can be consumed as a source of Omega fatty acids, which are beneficial for the brain and body.

Those who find seeds in their marijuana buds should not throw them away. It is quite normal for seeds to be present in bud, and they can be used in many different ways.

MSNL Seed Bank is an established seed company that offers a variety of marijuana strains, including feminized and auto flowering seeds. The company has a good reputation and ships worldwide. It also provides a 100% germination guarantee and 24/7 support for its customers. In addition to its regular and feminized cannabis seeds, MSNL Seed Bank has a BOGO deal on White Widow Feminized right now. This is a great opportunity to try this potent cannabis strain for an affordable price.


When the seed germinates it will start to produce a tap root which grows downward and the first set of leaves called cotyledon leaves emerge. The plant is now a baby plant and will need nutrients, so it needs to be placed in soil and water to grow.

The best soil to use is organic, rich in nutrients and a bit loose. If you are growing cannabis in a germination tray or pot, place the seeds gently and cover them with a light layer of loose soil. Then add water to the container or trays to moisten the soil but not saturate it.

If you are looking for a reliable seed bank that provides a good range of regular and feminized marijuana seeds, check out MSNL Seed Bank. They offer high-quality genetics and secure shipping worldwide. Another great choice is ILGM Seeds, which has a robust selection of marijuana strains and offers 24/7 customer support and a germination guarantee. ILGM Seeds also has a vibrant grower forum and free US shipping to make the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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