Best Regular Seeds

The Benefits of Regular Seeds

regular seeds

Regular seeds give growers the opportunity to create their own strains. They produce male plants that can be separated and pollinated to create females. This method is perfect for breeders who want to create a unique marijuana strain that matches their growing environment and personal preferences.

They also offer genetic stability, making them ideal for breeding and preserving desirable traits. This makes them the preferred choice of seasoned gardeners.

High-quality genetics

Regular seeds are a favorite of growers who want to start breeding cannabis. Because they can produce male or female plants, regular seeds are the best choice for those looking to cultivate cannabis with high levels of specific cannabinoids and a distinct aroma. They also tend to have a higher genetic diversity than feminized seeds.

The best marijuana seed vendors have a wide selection of seeds and offer comprehensive customer feedback on their performance. These reviews can help you choose the perfect strain for your growing environment. They may even include detailed descriptions of germination rates and growing outcomes.

Seed Supreme is known for its broad selection of high-quality cannabis strains and exceptional customer service. Their 80% germination guarantee makes them an excellent choice for growers who are worried about their seeds failing to sprout. Their customer service staff is available around-the-clock via chat, phone, and email. Herbies Head Shop also has a great reputation for their broad collection of high-quality seeds. They collaborate with expert breeders to create unique strains like their tropical-scented Banana Punch and 710 Cheese.


Regular seeds are preferred by some growers for their breeding potential and genetic stability. They can produce both male and female plants and allow for the creation of new strains through selective breeding. They also offer the chance for greater genetic diversity, which is important for those who cultivate cannabis for recreational purposes. To get the most out of your cultivation experience, make sure that you select high-quality seeds and provide optimal growing conditions.

While feminized seeds have gained popularity, many growers still prefer regular seeds because they provide greater genetic diversity and more stable crops. They can also be used to create clones, which are easy to grow and can save time and money. However, they can be more sensitive to changes in the environment and require more attention. In addition, they may not yield as many buds as a feminized plant. This can be a problem for those who are looking for maximum yields.

Breeding potential

The breeding potential of regular seeds allows growers to create new strains. By crossing different strains of cannabis, growers can produce offspring that offer unique phenotypes and enhanced potency. These offspring can also be cloned, making the cultivation process easier and more cost-effective.

Unlike feminized seeds, regular seeds can produce both male and female plants. However, most plants produced by regular seeds will be female and will provide a high yield. However, it is important to keep an eye on your plants during the growing stage and pull out any male plants before they produce pollen.

Regular seeds are also more stable than feminized seeds. This can benefit growers who are interested in cultivating a certain strain for long periods of time. However, it is important to understand that breeding regular seeds requires more work and can be a costly process. This type of breeding is not suitable for all growers. Ideally, it should be left to professional breeders who have the necessary equipment.


The price of regular seeds can vary, depending on the strain, genetics, demand, and THC levels. Higher-level THC strains are in greater demand than lower-level strains, and therefore, can be more expensive.

Another factor that affects the price of seeds is how many male plants are produced during the growing process. Male cannabis plants produce pollen that can be used to create new cultivars and hybrids. If you’re a breeder, it’s best to isolate your marijuana plants during flowering to avoid producing any male plants.

Although feminized seeds are more popular among growers, some cultivators still prefer regular seed varieties. For example, if you’re looking for a legendary old-school strain like Chemdawg, you can find it in our collection of regular seeds. These seeds will grow into powerful strains that deliver intensely uplifting effects. Moreover, these seeds will give you access to authentic, traditional marijuana genetics that are free from human tampering. They’re also less expensive than feminized seeds.

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