Best Regular Seeds

Choosing Regular Seed For Your Grow

regular seed

Choosing the right seed type for your grow can make all the difference. Different types suit different purposes, based on your growing experience, where you live and your cultivation goals.

Regular seeds will produce a 50/50 mix of male and female plants when germination occurs. They can be ideal for growers who want to avoid wasting seeds by identifying and removing male plants.


A grower will typically encounter a 50/50 split of male and female plants when germinating regular seed. It is possible to identify and remove male plants from a crop, but this can be an arduous process for new cultivators.

However, this is a minor drawback to using regular seeds as it is often easier for them to produce healthy mothers for taking cuttings and clones. This makes them ideal for new and experienced cultivators alike.

Regular seeds also tend to have more varied phenotypes. This can give specialized growers much more variety when creating strains. For example, a particular strain may exhibit different characteristics depending on modifications and the outside environment. This is impossible to replicate with feminized seeds. QTL analysis of seed traits showed that genetic factors contribute to natural continuous variation, and that some of these QTL are pleiotropic (Table S1). The alleles conferring the largest seed size are found on chromosomes 1 and 2, while the alleles conferring the smallest number of seeds per fruit are located on chromosomes 4 and 5. These two QTL explain 5% and 7% of variance in average seed size and seed number respectively.


A few factors influence the price of regular seed. Reputable breeders take their time and effort to ensure that their strains are healthy and have the right genetics, so this can translate into higher prices than feminized seeds.

Alternatively, many growers choose regular seed because it’s cheaper. They’re less likely to encounter problems with male plants pollinating the females during cultivation, and it’s not too difficult to cull any male plants before flowering.

Tropic Thunder regular delivers a mellow indica high with tropical flavors, perfect for a nighttime chillout. This strain is a little harder to grow, so it’s best for veteran cultivators. Its sativa lineage means it can grow tall, so it’s recommended to provide plenty of space for this cultivar. The flowering phase lasts from eight to ten weeks, so harvests are ready in October.


With the increase in popularity of feminized seeds some growers have turned away from regular cannabis seeds. However, for experienced growers regular seeds are an excellent choice for creating new cultivars and clones.

Regular seeds work the way nature intended – they have an equal chance of growing into male or female plants. This allows breeders to produce a large number of quality phenotypes and hybrids.

For those looking to preserve genetics and create a variety of phenotypes our collection of regular seeds includes the likes of Chemdawg, Creamy Kees, Bruce Banner and more original 1980’s strains. It is advisable to purchase more than one batch of seeds as it can be difficult to tell the difference between male and female plants early on.


When you grow organically, the plants you cultivate will not be sprayed with chemicals that could potentially make their way into the soil and ultimately in your buds. Choosing to use organic regular seeds will give you the chance to plant varieties that have remained unaltered for millennia.

Some believe that organically grown plants are heartier and better adapted to local growing conditions than non-organic vegetables. They are also more likely to produce rich, nutrient-dense soil.


Regular seeds are ideal for breeders because of their genetic integrity. They can produce a wide range of phenotypes, each with unique traits. Growers can use these phenotypes to create their own strains by crossbreeding them with other plants.

In addition, regular seeds are cheaper than feminized seeds. They also have a higher germination rate, making them an excellent choice for beginners and those with limited growing space.

However, feminized seeds offer many advantages for growers. They are easier to manage and require less care than regular seeds. They are also less prone to hermaphroditism and are more resilient to stress and inclement weather conditions. They also have a higher yield and better quality buds. Feminized seeds are ideal for growers who want to focus on yield and don’t mind culling male plants.

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