Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seed Vs Feminized Seed

The price of marijuana seeds fluctuates depending on how popular a particular strain is and how much R&D goes into creating them. New seeds with exciting chemical potencies tend to cost more.

Grapefruit regular smells like its name and delivers a refreshing citrusy, biting flavor with uplifting effects that gently stimulate your mind and body.

They are grown in the same way as a wild plant

Regular seeds are natural and operate in the same way as a wild plant. They grow into either male or female plants, depending on environmental conditions. They are the preferred choice for growers who want to breed their own strains.

They can also be used for landscaping, horticulture and food production. When collecting wild seed, it is important to follow certain rules. Always ask permission from the landowner and never collect from protected areas. It is best to collect seeds from a healthy population rather than from one plant. If you have a lot of space, sow the seeds in 4-inch pots and cover them with coarse sand instead of potting soil.

With a little experimentation, you can create the perfect cultivar. You can try crossing a strain with a different one to combine their unique qualities. For example, you can experiment with terpene profiles and see how the new combination turns out. The results may surprise you!

They are more expensive than feminized seeds

Feminized seeds offer growers more consistency, efficiency, and control. A feminized crop will contain only female plants, eliminating the risk of male plants pollinating the rest of your harvest. They also make it easier to use your cultivation space by allowing you to germinate the amount of plants needed for a given time period. This means you can save money on substrate, pesticides, and other growing products.

Regular seeds can produce both male and female plants, making them ideal for growers who want to cultivate mother plants or experiment with breeding. However, they are more expensive than feminized seeds, which can be a disadvantage for some growers.

Feminized seeds are a great option for growers who want to focus on yield and do not have the space or resources to deal with male plants. However, they may not be as stable as regular seeds, which can lead to quality issues. Regular seeds also tend to have more phenotypes, which can make it harder to find the perfect strain.

They are more difficult to grow

Regular seeds produce both male and female plants, so they require more work than feminized seeds. However, experienced growers can enjoy the challenge of working with these seeds. They can create hybrids that will exhibit the best traits of each parent plant. This can be a great way to achieve specific effects and flavors.

Another reason regular seed is popular among breeders is its ability to be used for cloning. Cloning enables growers to duplicate the morphology and color of a specific specimen. This is especially useful for growers who prefer particular terpenes or aromas.

Regular landrace seeds are also often preferred by organic growers, as they have not been altered by human hands. The genetics of these seeds have remained unchanged for millennia, making them ideal for creating organically grown cannabis. They also produce a more consistent harvest than autoflowering or feminized seeds, as they are photoperiodic and need to be changed to the 18/6 light cycle before they start to flower.

They are more likely to produce male plants

Unlike feminized seeds, which produce only female plants, regular seed has a 50/50 chance of growing into either a male or a female plant. This can be frustrating for growers who want to be sure that the seeds they’re planting will grow into a female crop. With a predominately female crop, growers won’t have to worry about male plants ruining their harvest or risking cross pollination by wind or insects.

Regular seeds are preferred by breeders because they allow them to select the best traits in their plants and create new strains with unique characteristics. They also offer more genetic diversity, which can be beneficial for cannabis cultivation. Additionally, cloning plants from regular seeds is simple and allows growers to duplicate a specimen’s morphology and colour. This can be particularly useful for growing plants that require a specific flowering period or environmental conditions. Regular seeds produce photoperiod plants, which respond to changes in light to begin the flowering process.

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