Best Regular Seeds

The Different Types of Cannabis Seed

There is a lot of information that can be confusing when purchasing cannabis seeds. Having a good understanding of the different types and their qualities will help you make an informed decision.

Regular seed is a popular choice for experienced growers and breeders. They produce male and female plants making them a great choice for creating bespoke strains.

Unaltered Genetics

Regular seeds preserve genetic stability, and breeders can use them to produce new strains. They also offer the possibility of phenotype variation, which can result in a variety of appearances and characteristics in a cannabis plant.

Because regular seeds produce both male and female plants, they require growers to identify and remove any hermaphroditic buds before they mature. This process can be labor intensive, but it can help to produce a higher-quality harvest. Many growers prefer to use regular seeds when creating a hybrid, as they can experiment with different combinations of parent strains. They also tend to have more genetic variability, which may be beneficial for certain growing conditions. For example, large seeds with robust germination can be advantageous in dry, resource-limited environments. This is a phenomenon known as “eco-optimization”. SSSC offers a range of regular seed varieties including Karel’s Haze, Kees Old School Haze, Frosty Friday, and Prima Holandica. These are ideal for those who want to create their own hybrids from a selection of high-quality genetics.

High Yield

For the gardener who likes to breed their own strains of cannabis, regular seeds are essential. Male plants can be separated out from the females and pollen collected, allowing growers to create their own unique strains of cannabis with a certain colour, flavour profile or morphology.

Regular seeds are often cheaper than their feminized counterparts, but this is not necessarily indicative of lower quality. The price difference is due to the fact that growers must weed out male plants, which are not as desirable for breeding purposes as the females.

Lemon Pie is a great example of a high yielding regular strain, with reports of up to 21 oz per plant outdoors and 500gr/m2 indoors. This mostly sativa strain offers an energetic head-high that helps you stay productive, before the soothing indica effects take over and send you to sleep. This high-yielding strain is suitable for beginners and experienced growers alike. This photoperiodic strain requires a change in light cycle to trigger flowering.

Short Flowering Time

The short flowering time of regular seed allows growers to harvest plants sooner, especially if they are growing indoors with limited space. This can also make them easier to manage for beginner growers and people with limited experience. However, they may not produce as many smokeable buds or as complex terpene and aroma profiles as slower-growing strains. They may also be more susceptible to stress and other issues caused by insufficient nutrients or inclement weather conditions.

Although fast-flowering strains tend to have the same yield and potency as their photoperiodic counterparts, they often begin to flower at different times depending on the light cycle. Unlike autoflowering seeds that contain ruderalis genes and do not need a change in their lights to initiate flowering, regular cannabis plants still require a switch from the 18/6 to the 12/12 schedule to begin blooming. This can be frustrating for novice growers that want a predictable crop. However, the short flowering time of these plants does reduce the risk of mold, mildew, and other problems.

High THC Content

High THC strains are great for experienced growers. Regular seeds produce both male and female plants, so growers can pollinate them to create new hybrids and improve their crops. In fact, the best high THC cannabis seeds have a jaw-dropping 20% THC in lab tests!

High THC seeds can be found in both online and physical dispensaries and walk-in stores. They are often crossed with indicas to create a balanced cultivar, which also has the benefit of adding more flavor and terpenes to the mix. Try experimenting with different combinations to see which one you like best.

Growing marijuana seeds with a high THC content is a relatively simple process, but beginners should take their time and pay attention to the plant’s specific needs. The most important factor is adjusting the light cycle to trigger flowering. For example, changing it from 18/6 to 12/12 will help the plant get ready for harvest in just a few weeks.

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