Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seed – Why Are They Better Than Feminised Seeds?

Regular seed requires a bit more work from the grower, especially when it comes time to induce flowering. This is because growing regular seeds means having to identify and remove male plants so they don’t pollinate your desired females.

However, this can be an incredibly rewarding experience for the experienced grower. This is because regular seed allows for more genetic variation than feminized seed.

Stable Genetics

Unlike feminized seeds, which are bred to produce only female plants, regular cannabis seeds will have a 50/50 chance of producing male or female plants. This makes them the recommended seed choice for beginners, who can avoid males pollinating their plants (which cuts their harvest by 80-90%).

Like humans, each plant has two distinct parents and can display different characteristics called alleles. These are variations of a gene that can code for traits such as eye color, leaf size, disease resistance, and biochemical profiles.

For this reason, it can be difficult to create stable genetics, which are the foundation of consistent product from each harvest. To achieve this, breeders need to pass desired traits down through multiple generations of cannabis cultivars. This process takes a lot of time, patience, and capital. It may take up to twelve generations before a breeder has created stable seeds they can sell. This is why specialized companies that develop and patent stabilized genetics are so important for the industry.

Variety of Genetics

Regular seeds operate just how nature intended. When germinated, each seed has a 50% chance of producing either male or female plants, making them ideal for breeding new cultivars and providing superior-quality clones.

Among the eight QTL for seed size observed, four were located on chromosome 1 and two on chromosome 5 (Table 4). These results are consistent with life-history theory in that selection for optimal seed size should be balanced by genetic and environmental factors.

Regular seeds also offer a greater level of variation in phenotypes such as sugar content and kernel thickness. Varieties characterized by the se gene have increased sugar levels (16 to 18 percent) and have a tougher kernel (pericarp) that makes them better for storage and shipping. In addition, this genotype has a slower rate of sugar conversion to starch and thus has a longer shelf life. These traits are often desirable in commercial production. However, these genotypes can be difficult to grow as they require a specific environment and a long flowering period.

Stability in Genetics

As a result of a long process of back-crossing, desirable traits are stabilised over several generations. This results in a strain with consistent expression of desired genetics. For example, a stable mother and father will produce offspring with predictable Mendelian ratios. This stability allows for a greater degree of predictability and consistency in the offspring, with desirable traits becoming dominant and undesirable traits disappearing.

This process is also responsible for creating sexually stable genetics, meaning that the seeds produced will not exhibit intersex phenotypes. This is an important feature for growers, since it prevents the loss of valuable phenotypes and eliminates the need to reseed or use feminized seed. However, it is important to note that despite genetic stability, the plant may still be prone to showing intersex traits due to environmental conditions. This is true for both regular and feminized seeds. In addition, it should be noted that not all genetics are created equal, and that some genetics naturally show intersex traits due to the way they are bred and grown.

Stability in Phenotypes

When you grow a regular seed crop, it’s essential to carefully monitor the progress of the plants. This includes sexing them to identify males and females and culling the latter to avoid unwanted pollination that will reduce yield and overall flower quality.

This requires a lot of work for the grower but is a necessary step in creating a quality crop. This is especially important for the grower who produces their own seeds.

Using regular seeds is a great way to create your own unique hybrids and cultivate a new strain with desired characteristics that would not be possible with feminized seeds. This type of seeds is also more stable than feminized seeds, as they are not bred through a process that involves stressing out female plants. However, it’s essential to maintain proper cultivation conditions to ensure healthy growth. This includes temperature, humidity, light cycles, and airflow. This will maximize your chances of getting a successful harvest.

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