Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seeds Vs Feminized Seeds

Until feminized seeds came along, most growers used regular seeds to cultivate cannabis. They have a 50/50 chance of producing male or female plants and require the cultivation of extra seedlings to offset the number of male plants discarded during the early flowering stage.

But for many growers, the advantages of using regular seeds outweigh the disadvantages. These include:

They are cheaper

Regular seeds are cheaper than feminized seeds because they do not require stressing the female plants to produce only females. This makes them more cost-effective, especially for growers who are aiming to save money on growing materials and electricity. They also offer a variety of phenotypes that are not available in feminized seeds.

For growers who enjoy breeding their own strains, regular seeds are an excellent choice. They produce both male and female plants, making it easy to select the best females for breeding. This allows them to create unique, high-yielding crops.

Another advantage of regular seeds is that they are photoperiodic, meaning that the plants will flower according to their natural cycles. This eliminates the need to change the light cycle of indoor growers. The sexed plants are also much easier to remove than feminized plants, saving growers valuable space and time. This is especially important for smaller grows, where every inch of space counts.

They are more stable

Regular seeds are the most popular type of cannabis seeds. They can produce either male or female marijuana plants. They also offer a higher yield than feminized seeds and are better for breeding as they allow for the possibility of producing hermaphrodites (plants that produce both male and female pollen). These seeds can be used by growers who want to take clones, but should always choose a reputable seed company.

While feminized seeds are popular among growers who want to focus on the harvest, they do not provide the same genetic stability as regular seeds. This can cause problems for novice growers, who may not be able to distinguish male from female plants and cull them properly. Furthermore, feminized seeds can be more difficult to plant as they require light cycle adjustment. This is why regular seeds are recommended for growers who are new to the industry. This way, they will be able to avoid the problems associated with feminized seeds.

They are easier to grow

Regular seeds are easier to grow than feminized ones, because you do not need to identify and remove male plants. However, it is recommended to germinate twice as many seeds as desired, in order to account for the possibility of a few males. Otherwise, you may need to waste time and resources removing the male plants.

Feminized seeds have a higher yield potential because they eliminate the risk of producing male plants, which can reduce the crop. But they do come with a higher cost and are less resilient to environmental factors than their non-feminized counterparts.

Another advantage of feminized seeds is that they will not produce any male flowers or pollen sacs, and can concentrate all their energy on growing dense, resinous buds. This can result in a much higher return on investment for the grower. But it should be noted that a higher return does not necessarily mean that a bigger harvest is guaranteed.

They are more versatile

Regular seeds offer a range of benefits for growers who want to produce their own cannabis. For those who are looking to experiment with hybridisation, they provide the best option for producing different strains. They also allow you to distinguish between male and female plants by sexing your crops early in flowering.

The germination rate for regular seeds is higher than for feminized varieties. However, this depends on the type of seed and cultivation methods. Typically, regular seeds have a 50/50 chance of growing into male or female marijuana plants. This makes them the preferred choice for breeders who require male marijuana plants to make hybrids.

For the casual gardener, regular seeds are a good option if you are looking to preserve traditional cultivation practices. They can produce both male and female marijuana plants, but you can prevent them from pollinating your other crops by sexing and isolating them early in flowering. They also offer the best option for novice growers, as they are more forgiving of rookie errors and setup experiments.

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